I have just recently delved back into magic and I wanted to start out with Azorius Control since it was what I was familiar with when stopped playing magic around Theros. Please do not hesitate to make suggestions. However, Keep in mind this is more of a budget deck then a $500 competitive deck.


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I finally got a chance to play this deck at FNM, and it didn't go too well. The first match I lost 0-2 to a dimir control deck. The guy kept discarding my control cards before I could use them then he would slowly take away my health until game. That was probably just a bad match-up for my deck. The second match-up was izzet burn/control. I went 1-1 draw with this deck. The first match I lost because he played Niv-Mizzet, Parun and anytime I tried to kill it he would draw a card and I would be burned. The second match-up I managed to keep him under control and I did that pretty well and won thanks to Sanguine Sacrament . The third and last match-up was green/black mid range. His deck I thought would be the easiest to control but then he played Carnage Tyrant and it was GG both times. So after so analysis of my first build, I realized I had too much removal, not enough late game win-cons, and no way to gain any life if I needed to. So I took out a Cast Out , Seal Away , and a Ritual of Soot from my main and added Cleansing Nova , Sanguine Sacrament , and a Dawn of Hope . The point of the main-board is to be pretty broad game one and just try to control my opponent. The next game is when my sideboard comes into play, for mirror matches and mid-range, I have added 2x Negate , for creature heavy decks, I have added a Ritual of Soot for decks with low creature mana average, and a Cleansing Nova for the high average and also Essence Scatter . For really aggressive decks I have added 2x Settle the Wreckage . For dimir, I have added 2x Duress , and 2x Thought Erasure . For burn I have added a Sanguine Sacrament . For my discretion if I feel I need it, I have added 2x Disdainful Stroke . Many cards I have side boarded I run in my main deck which is why there are a lot of 1 and 2 of. The point is to try to target the sideboard with the right type of deck.I have also replaced a Evolving Wilds with a Detection Tower since it it most likely be much more useful. I am debating weather to add another one but I am not sure since it only a colorless mana, what do you guys think? Finally, If you have any suggestions feel free to give them and if you think this is a well rounded deck hit that +1.


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