My first mono-red deck was a highly oppressive Zo-Zu deck, but the wins came very few and far between, so I re-worked that into a Neheb deck. I had seen someone in my playgroup run it, but not a storm variant like I decided to go with, and i did not realize how strong this version of it is. You can go from 0-60 in the blink of an eye with this deck, and fizzle out just as fast if your hand doesn't have gas - the caveat of all mono-red decks. I wouldn't say this is optimized for cedh , but it can win as early as t3 if you got the right rocks on the board, a table wide damage spell, and Aggravated Assault to go infinite with.


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Removing Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar for Crackle with Power . I liked the idea of Kediss ramping me up on one hit with Neheb because it could catapult me to a win, but the minute I saw Crackle spoiled I knew I had to slot it in here. I feel like both cards are a means to the same end, winning, but there is SO much synergy with Crackle in this deck, while Kediss only synergizes with Neheb connecting on an opponent.


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