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Spooky Ghosts (Budget tribal tournament)

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My friend group is having a casual tournament. The rules are:

  • Deck must be under 60 buckaroos. Can tack on a sideboard for a max budget of 70 buckaroos.
  • Deck must consist of one to two creature types max. We had it just be one creature type but a splash for a different tribe allows for more interesting decks. We are going for maximum flavor here. The additional creature type should be somewhat related to the first.
  • My personal stipulation: avoid the more common tribes (goblins, merfolk, etc...). This is not a big deal as most of the popular tribal decks are a pretty penny anyway. I just wanted to build something unique to fit our theme.
  • Cards must be modern legal. We might adjust this to a different restriction as there are some inexpensive legacy/vintage cards that could make our lists even spicier.

Following those rules, this is my Rakdos spirits deck.

Self-discard, spirit tribal trying to get as many Demigod of Revenge in the yard and then swing for a ton. Includes everyone's favorite planeswalker: tibalt. A side of reanimator for some additional heat.
  • Demigod of Revenge: The card that the deck is built around. Getting as many of these as we can in our graveyard and then casting one of them to swing for a boatload.
  • Obzedat, Ghost Council: Our second bomb. Draining our opponent every turn or having a 5/5 beater.
  • Pale Rider of Trostad: I was so stoked when I learned that this guy even existed! He's a spirit, he discards us a card, the art is cool af, and is a 3/3 with skulk? Synergy out the wazoo.
  • Iname, Death Aspect: When he arrives, we can thin our deck by putting our Obzedats and Demigod of Revenge in the graveyard. If we have one other demigod in hand, the next turn we are swinging with 4 hasted 5/4 fliers. Pretty much the dream.
  • Disowned Ancestor: There are probably better cards for this slot but the main point of this guy is to slow down our opponent. He has a big booty and is a spirit. Also an easy discard option. Could be removing this guy soon.
  • And the oddball: Flayer of the Hatebound: This guy is a heat-seeking missile pointed directly at our opponent's face. Reanimating him off of footsteps hits our opponent for 9. He also sticks around and any other reanimated creature will tack on the damage. This devil is my off-spirit creature splash.
  • Looting effects to get our big spirits in the graveyard. We are trying to cycle as deep as we can with this deck so other draw options like Cathartic Reunion and the cycle option for Canyon Slough get the job done.
  • Footsteps of the Goryo: This card is legit. A less specific, higher CMC, cheaper dollar Goryo's Vengeance that also doesn't exile. Unfortunately, it doesn't trigger our Demigod of Revenge since we didn't "cast" it but still a decent option since it has haste. The better targets are Iname, Death Aspect as it can do as earlier stated, or the best option, cheat in Obzedat, Ghost Council. We can exile Obzedat, Ghost Council to itself before we have to sacrifice it to Footsteps of the Goryo. That means on turn three we can have our boy doing his thing. The last choice is Flayer of the Hatebound. Direct damage yes please.
  • Mo'fuggin Tibalt. The number of times that I've been borked by this guy is way too damn high but when he works he works. He cycles through our deck and has that little bit of reach which this deck really needs if we are struggling to get our Demigod of Revenge pumping. His ultimate is also pretty scary in the realm of tribal decks so he can effectively gain us some life.
The sideboard is pretty much a transformation to a Rakdos control/burn style deck. Madness cards like Alms of the Vein and Fiery Temper get extra value when cycled and provides the final blow after a couple of drains with Obzedat, Ghost Council and a swing or two with our Demigod of Revenge. I do need some more playtesting because I might need to mainboard some of these options as some games we just fall short with our opponent still kicking at 5 or less life.

The other decks in the league: Show

If you liked my deck enough to put it in a folder, don't forget to

Thanks for stopping by and stay S P O O K Y !


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