Trying to make a competitive mono-red dragons list in pioneer. We have all the powerful dragons of the skred dragons deck that existed briefly in modern. Looking for suggestions for strictly better cards as I'm not totally familiar with all the cards in pioneer.


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I took this deck with me to a small locals tournament. The deck wasn't the same as it is in the list because I'm waiting on Wild Slash, Bonecrusher Giant, and Grafdigger's cage in the mail so I had to just use what I had. There were only three rounds, no top 8.

Round 1 vs. GB Soulflayer 2-1 Game 1 he had a turn 3 Soulflayer with indestructible, lifelink, flying, first strike, vigilance, and hexproof. I couldn't beat that with my removal and couldn't race it so I lost. Game 2 I sided in Rabblemasters and Warboss because I have no way to kill an indestructible creature in the 75. I decided to race him and I won. Went Rabble into Rabble into Warboss GG Game 3 he was on the play again and punted hard, cast a Soulflayer before using his gather the pack which would've given him lifelink. I killed him with my 2 Rabblemasters and goblins the next turn.

Round 2 vs UR Phoenix 2-1 Game 1 I got down a Chandra's regulator and Sarkhan early and was able to drop threats until I won Game 2 I had a slow hand and he sided in Niv-Mizzet. I had no way to kill it and the next turn he did 18 damage. Game 3 I had a good hand and he didn't draw many lands. I had Magma Sprays and Angers prepared anyway.

Round 3 vs UG Nexus of Fate 1-2 Game 1 he resolved an Oko and it gave him a lot of advantage. I had a pretty slow hand and just couldn't keep up. Game 2 We both mulled to 5 and I went Warboss into Warboss into Warboss. He only drew one fog. Game 3 I mulled to 5 and had a slow hand. He got his extra turns going on turn 5 and it was all over.

Pretty satisfied with the deck so far. It's sick being able to play big dragons and get wins with it. Will update again when the deck is finished. Thinking about possibly going into black for better removal, but I think that would slow the deck down. Suggestions welcome :)



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