1. Glare of Subdual + Intangible Virtue gives full control. Tap opponent's creatures in his turn then attack with vigilance in yours
  2. Create 7+ tokens using spells then attack with Beastmaster Ascension, gaining immediate +5/+5 to all and end with 7 x 6/6 strike. Or just cast Overrun for final strike.
  3. Intangible Virtue + convoke gives attack possibility with free casting spells
  4. Essence Warden turns all token creator cards into hp gainers
  5. Doubling Season + Utopia Mycon / Thallid Shell-Dweller / Shrine of Loyal Legions / Spawning Pit gives twice counter + twice tokens combo
  6. Idyllic Tutor gives possibility to look for enchantment needed for any combo from above
  7. Promise of Bunrei + Utopia Mycon gives 4 spirit tokens in any moment you have at least 1 saproling
  8. Pick either Intervention Pact or Pause for Reflection (or Arachnogenesis if you play Legacy) from sideboard - regarding if opponent has a horde rush or single powerful attack deck. It is important to have token creators as instants, so you can decide in opponent's turn whether you want to spend mana for it or for prevent
  9. Spawning Pit is great agains board swipes

Any suggestions appreciated


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