A close friend of mine gave me a pre-made commander deck - Plunder the Graves. I've tried to improve it, but am hoping to get some suggestions from the community to keep working on it. Any card suggestions would be great.

I'm trying to make the deck as competitive as possible while maintaining the flavor of reanimating creatures with enter/leave the battlefield effects. To make the deck more competitive, I've added a few combos:

There are other ways to combo these cards, but I can't be bothered to list them all. Hopefully, the deck won't need to rely on pulling off combos to win and will be able to win by out valuing my opponents with enter/leave the battle fields effects - in the event that I can't find a combo quickly.

I'm still new to Commander/EDH and would appreciate any input you guys have. I'll be building the deck over time - adding more expensive cards as I go on. Cards with an A next to them are cards that I have not yet bought. I plan to wait until I've come up with a more finalized list to purchase some of the more expensive cards in the deck.


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