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Omnath, Locus of Creation

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Saw the new Zendikar Rising Omnath...switching up my angry jellybean deck (Omnath the Mean Green Jellybean) to this 4 colour lands-matter / life-gain / burn shenanigans.

All suggestions welcome please, this is first draft so I know there’s many cards I completely overlooked.

A lot of this list comes from my Rage Omnath deck, so some stuff might not fit the best or I’m lacking blue/white because I need to look into those cards. Land base is definitely not finished, I just have all those basics in as place-holders.

Sakura-Tribe Scout+Retreat to Coralhelm+ any bounce land = 3 landfalls on each player’s turn. (Or more if other landfall things are out to take advantage of). - Combo with: Tunneling Geopede for infinite ping - Hedron Crab or Ruin Crab for infinite mill

Since 3 landfall triggers isn’t too hard to get in this deck from what I’ve tested, the new Angel of Destiny and Moraug, Fury of Akoum could be an easy game winner assuming the 55+ life happens regularly. Also assuming Moraug works the way I think he does, with every land in your pre-combat main getting you that many extra combats.


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