My first attempt at a multiplayer mill with Phenax. Being the case, I would love some feedback and suggestions. I found Phenax EDH Mill by Mojimbo which helped as a canvas to build from so be sure to check out the deck. Also check out deck:libraryexe-has-stopped-working by K1ngMars who helped with a lot of holes in my deck :)

This deck is centered around milling the opponents with big fatties and giving them haste so that we can use Phenax's ability to tap immediately. Creatures like Consuming Aberration and Mortivore will get very big, threatening a players life total sure but with Phenax's ability we can tap them to take away a ginormous portion of cards from a player's library. Bitter Ordeal will allow you to remove crucial cards from libraries being triggered multiple times also giving you an opportunity to take away any Gaea's Blessing-esque cards. There's a really fun combo with a few cards such as Spell Crumple or Junktroller and Tunnel Vision taking a player out. To enhance Psychic Corrosion we have recycle hand cards such as Windfall, Whispering Madness, etc. and don't forget Forced Fruition which will add to the mayhem.Bloodchief Ascension I think has found a really nice home in EDH mill because more than likely your opponents will be doing the damage for us to get the counters on it and will also infinitely combo with Mindcrank. To activate Phenax's ability multiple times, I've included Intruder Alarm, Pemmin's Aura and a couple others. Keep in mind that if you do have Intruder Alarm out, be sure to remember all creatures untap whenever a creature comes into play so feel free to tap your creatures to mill opponents on their own turn.

UPDATE - In doing some research with card interactions, I failed to notice just how brutal Notion Thief is. Now, this was typically a card that was going to reduce the amount of cards the opponent draws and draw myself more to trigger more mill - great. But then I realised just how much draw potential is in this deck list for the purposes of milling, making the opponent discard there hand. If you combo this with a card such as Whispering Madness, you will draw a HUGE amount of cards dependent on how many players are in your particular play group. Consider this - if there are 4 of you and one player discards from let's say 3 then you will instead draw 12 cards and each opponent will be left at 0. See what I mean? You may be able to get off some pretty nasty combos once you get this online. If you have Psychic Corrosion out, you will start by making each opponent mill 12, it will cipher and then maybe you can do it again - discard 12, draw 48. Yum. If you happen to have Forced Fruition online when notion thief is out, your opponents will make you draw 7 each time they want to cast, making them mill 7 each spell in this perfect world I've imagined up for you. But you can see exactly what sort of potential I mean.

If you happen to have any suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. And thanks to everyone who has helped contribute to this build so far and to come.

Jace, Wielder of Mysteries has been added in substitute of Kozilek, Butcher of Truth. Much easier to mill myself than 3 other opponents - kozilek may make it back to rotation if I need the graveyard recycle, but for now is sitting on the sidelines. Minamo, School at Water's Edge has been removed for an Island - don't have many legendary creatures that will benefit from the untap ability.


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