This is my newest deck and I couldn't be happier with it. It is based on Jumbo Commanders list with about 7 or 8 differences. The deck has lots of different ways to abuse coin flips, some chaos, tokens and just a little bit of control for when people try and remove some of my key pieces.

Some of the main win conditions are using Zada, Hedron Grinder and Mirror-wing Dragon with a bunch of tokens and coin flip cards like Chaotic Strike, Aleatory, and Touch Of Invisibility. Another one is using Donate to give Zndrsplt to one of my opponents and activating Frenetic Efreet a billion times to mill them out. I can also just instant smack people with Okaun and some evasion from Rogue's Passage or Shadow Rift. First time I ever played the deck, I had both of my commanders out with Krark's Thumb and won 13 coin flips, Okaun ended up as a 24,576 power creature that was unblockable, I also drew about 20 cards in that combat step before attacking.

Another fun but kinda mean combo is using Hive Mind and Pact Of Negation or Pact Of The The Titan to one shot everybody that isn't playing Blue or Red. 3rd game with this deck and I pulled that off.

I also utilize some Chaos cards like Proteus Staff and Indomitable Creativity to take away my opponents best stuff or change my 1/1 tokens into my combo kill creatures since I only run about 3 or 4. Eye Of The Storm will also sort of lock people out of playing stuff after I cast a Pact card. Things like Tide Of War, Sunbird's Invocation, Planar Chaos and Perplexing Chimera also help me in longer games.

With a coin flip deck, you have to include Chance Encounter and Fiery Gambit because they are hilarious. First time casting Fiery Gambit, I won all 3 coin flips without Krark's Thumb. That may never happen again but it was fun.

All in all, the deck is great with a bunch of randomness but also focus. Any suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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