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Boros is often not the most fun or strong guild in the EDH community. Often it lacks at the end of the carddraw /-value side. It smashes faces hard when unanswered, but stinks when a board wipe hits the field and god smashes his wrath onto the earth or opposing mages have the right answer to your threats.

With that in mind, i thought about a Boros Commander that hits hard when it goes of and can protect itself when opponents try to answer it. Feather, the Redeemed can solve that problem and bring you a lot of joy and entertainment.

My intention with Feather, the Redeemed was to build a aggro based value deck , that is lots of fun to play in an interactive way. The Deck should be able to compete with semi competitve EDH decks and fly under the radar to sneak in for some backdoor wins. Building up a draw engine with Feather is tons of fun and winning in different routes via token armies, commander damage or ranged attacks is even more. The Goal of the deck is to have an impact at every stage of the game to not have a frustrating time at the table.

If you enjoy my primer please consider giving me an upvote. Without further ado lets go on with the deck.

This Deck is for you if:

1. a commander centered deck in a semi Voltron way is interesting for you

2. you like drawing cards
3. you like playing flexible interactive decks
4. you think winning via the combat step and smashing opponents faces is the most fun playing style
5. you want action all the time

This Deck is not for you if:

1. you want to win via combo
2. you don't want your commander to be such a vital part of your winning strategy
3. you want to play a high competitive deck

Early Game:

In the early stages of the game you ideally want to start up with your mana rocks to ramp into your commander with one mana open to protect her.
If you can open your game with only a token producer, a stax piece or a ranged attacker it is also ok to play out your commander if you have no fourth land in sight and no immediate free protection. Just hope for the best, that nobody is willing to kill her.

Mid Game:

If you manage to bring Feather into the mid game, this is where the fun and the interaction begins. From here on you want to look out for your draw engines to get your value from your payoffs. As you build up your board and continous to draw cards, try to look for mana acceleration cards like Keeper of the Accord, Birgi, God of Storytelling  , Smothering Tithe, Storm-Kiln Artist or Sword of Feast and Famine to enhance your draw, buffing,token and/or damaging engine.

Late Game:

If your engine is rolling and you go faster every turn in your driver seat, it's time to push your nitrous oxide injection button and play Zada, Hedron Grinder or Mirrorwing Dragon. With one of these two and some tokens you can explode on your way to victory. You are now able to mass draw cards, buff or protect your whole team and go face with all of them. If you managed to build up to this point, you are likely to win the whole thing.
Sol Ring: Not as good as in other Decks, but really helps casting your commander second and third times as well as paying for your equipments.
Arcane Signet: The best mana rock in the deck. Turn 3 Feather with one additional mana in both colors, i take it!
Boros Signet: Slightly worse than Arcane Signet, but not by much.
card:talisman of indominance: See Boros Signet.
Land Tax: Best turn 1 play we have easily nets us our 10 basics through 4 turns.
Wayfarer's Bauble: Second best turn 1 play. Land ramp in Boros is always good.
Mox Amber: It's a bit different than the other rocks. You can not use it to ramp into Feather, but still usable at turn 3 to potenitally protect her.
Marble Diamond Not as good as the other rocks but we still need a turn 2 rock so it's ok. We have more white in our deck, so i took this one over Fire Diamond
Thought Vessel: It's crucial for us to have infinite hand size during mid and late game. If we get our draw engine going we draw lots of cards. Not the best early ramp, but it funktions as a worse Sol Ring
Storm-Kiln Artist:Crazy good with one mana can trip spells. Can give you the necessary boost you need to pull away in a few turns.
Birgi, God of Storytelling  :See Storm-Kiln Artist. The fact that it produces only red is worse than the Artist, but in comparison it is even because of the noncreature clause compared to the instant or sorcery one of Birgi
Smothering Tithe:Broken card in my opinion. We can use the created treasures immediatelly compared to most other Decks
Keeper of the Accord: In our meta green ramp is omnipresent. That makes the Keeper that much better, it can ramp us in no time turns ahead.
We have three kinds of protection spells. Spells that give indestructible, protection from a colour and hexproof. They are all here for a diferent reason. Indestructible spell spells help against all destruction spells that doesn't exile, damage and most of the point removal like Rapid Hybridization or Beast Within.
Protection against colours helps us against ALL point removals like Swords to Plowshares, but not against mass destruction. But what protection also does is to help us get trough pesky blockers to push some commander damage. I play more of the indestructible spells because it protects against mass destruction.


Blacksmith's Skill: The perfect protection spell for the deck. Cheap and super efficient.
Sheltering Light: indestructibility for 1 and filtering the next draw seems really good.
Ajani's Presence: Can be used also to push through a little more commander damage.
Fight as One: Same as Ajani's Presence, but with the upside of niche scenarios of saving an additional human.
Adamant Will: for 2 mana a little bit more of an offensive buff than the 1 mana spells.
Valorous Stance: This spell is good in our semi competitive meta, because there are many viable targets to kill.
Boros Charm: One of the best spells in the deck. Double strike and protection? To choose in one card? Hell Yeah!
Teferi's Protection: Really good tutor target for Sunforger. The ability to safe your board from a big exile spell is huge. Great spell and white staple.
Flawless Maneuver: Sometimes you are in need of a guardian angel if you have no mana. There you have it. All of the three big protection spells are great in their own way.


Faith's Shield: Very efficient and flexible protection spell, but lacks at the card draw end. Nonetheless you can protect your equipments and rocks with it. Take that Nature's Claim!
Apostle's Blessing: Can be an efficient one mana protection spell. Most of the time i play the two life for this spell and the fact that it can protect artifacts is very underrated.
Shelter: One of the best spells in this deck. Serves as both a draw spell and does a good enough job of colour protection.
Gods Willing: Faith's shield with an upside. Very good spell.

Fists of Flame: Crazy good offensive spell and carddraw engine. Most of the time gives +3-4 Attack and when you have your engine rolling in extreme cases 10 times of that
Psychotic Fury: Similar to Fists of Flame it gets better with other buff spells. Functions also as a draw engine. S-Tier spell in this deck.
Defiant Strike: Super efficient draw spell with a small buff. Can you get more than that? Pretty good i would say.
Shelter: As shown in the protecion category, super efficient at both ends.
Guided Strike: Small buff with first strike? Can be relevant against certain blockers. Not as efficient as defiant strike, but still good because of the small buff.
Crimson Wisps: Good draw spell and the haste is sometimes relevant.
Expedite: See crimson Wisps
Niveous Wisps: Slightly worse than the haste spells, but still efficient draw spell
Bandage: See Niveous Wisps.
Showdown of the Skalds: One of the bigger value cards in this deck. 4 new cards to play for 4 mana is very solid and buffing up Feather like crazy for the next two turns is no slouch either.
The deck has different kinds of payoffs. Cards that that trigger wenn you cast noncreature spells (best), instants or sorceries (second best) or when you target the creauture (third best).

Zada, Hedron Grinder: The biggest payoff in the deck. With only a few tokens you are able to mass draw, mass buff and mass protect. The turbo in this deck.
Mirrorwing Dragon:See Zada. With a bigger flying butt. Crazy good. Can also "protect" itself against cards like Swords to Plowshares because it targets also all the creatures of the spells controller.
Monastery Mentor: This is THE Payoff of the deck. The fact that it can goe wide AND tall is absurd. You don't have to target it like the heroic creatures which is a great benefit. The clause of casting noncreature spells is by far the best one of all the payoffs
Young Pyromancer: Second best token producer. The kid hasn't to be targetet which leads to a bigger Feather that we can buff.
Vanguard of Brimaz, Akroan Crusader: Both good producers that enter the battlefield early. Have to be targetet. Slightly worse than the above.
Phalanx Leader: Strongest mass buff besides the crazy stuff
Leonin Lightscribe: Slightly worse than the Phalanx Leader.
Guttersnipe: During the endgame you can turn this card into a 10-12 damage burning machine each turn easily.
Firebrand Archer: The one damage for every noncreature spell seems underwhelming, but it adds up over time, trust me.
Electrostatic Field: The effect is slightly worse than the Firebrand Archer, but it has a better body to defend you from smaller attackers.

Swords to Plowshares: Best point removal for creatures in the game. Period.
Path to Exile: In our deck we LOVE the flexibility of this card. With a bunch of tokens and Feather out, this is a ramp spell for one mana. Damn good with Monastery Mentor and Young Pyromancer
Generous Gift: Super flexible spell that can even target lands
Reckless Rage: The removal for small to mid size creatures.
Valorous Stance: Killing big stuff and protection is very versatile. Must have.
Impact Resonance: Situational removal. Can function as a semi board wipe.
card:waer/tear: Great versatility. Super efficient in most of the situations. Can kill a combo piece in no time or two things that provide value for a player.
Light of Hope: Doesn't provide the greatest value, but i like the card. Small little interaction and buff.
Chandra's Ignition: The card is great at damaging everything. It's better if your deck tends to have more cards that buff feather in a Voltron style deck. I'm not sure about this one. Have to try it out more.
deck:blasphemous act: I love this card. Super cheap mass removal most of the time. You can protect Feather and than fire it of. Safed me a lot of games in a creature heavy environment.
Hushbringer: So many decks have ETB's and death triggers. This one i like a lot in my meta with commanders like Yarok, the Desecrated or Golos, Tireless Pilgrim
Drannith Magistrate: Everybody hates that card. Our Commander comes down early and we can build up our value engine while many decks struggle against this one if the have no removal to kill him. Very strong card. We can even protect him. Really nasty.
card:cursed totems: Besides Stoneforge Mystic the deck has no creature that has an activated ability, so we can shut down opposing mana dorks. Evil stuff.
Aven Mindcensor: This card loves to kill of land ramp and combo strategies.

Enlightened Tutor: Best tutor in the deck. In most cases we search for Sword of Feast and Famine or Sunforger but the fact that we can search up for a stax piece is pretty nice.
Stoneforge Mystic: Most of our games we want to end up with an equipment on the field. The Mystic provides us with one and nets us a mana in some cases with his activated ability? Seems strong.
Steelshaper's Gift: If we only have to search up for an equipment, this one is miles better than Enlightened Tutor.

Sword of Feast and Famine: Untaping your mana for your second main phase is broken. This card alone enables faster wins. You can swing in, buff feather or draw cards and untap to leave up open mana for your opponents turns. Protection from green and black is also very nice in a creature heavy meta. This card is so good, that most of your opponents will blow it of. If you have something like Faith's Shield try to protect it at all cost.
Sunforger: Very cost intensive equipment and not as efficient as Sword of Feast and Famine, but really fun. Tutoring for answers or win conditions is really nice.
Swiftfoot Boots: Not to worry about point removal is great. It lets us be much more aggressive with casting our buffs and card draws.

Temur Battle Rage: For the winning rout with commander damage, this is a great card. It doesn't provide cardadvantage like Psychotic Fury but it helps to push through damage because it can provide trample.
Titan's Strength: Biggest buff spell in the deck that brings a little bit of card selection. scales crazy with the nuts and helps a lot at winning with commander damage.


The deck is very good at drawing lots of cards in the midgame if you manage to protect your commander to that point. You can sculpt your winning hand for the lategame and build a powerfull engine of drawing cards, making lots of tokens and protecting them. In rare cases you can buff up Feather and give her double strike to kill the strongest opponent in no time and after that take out the rest. Most of the time you play the value game and damage one opponent at the time here and there until your engine is strong enough to take out your opponents via buffed token armies or range damage.
The deck is strong against semi competitive combo decks and is able to protect Feather against point removal as well as mass destruction and mass damage. The deck flourishes if it flies under the radar when it is the second or third biggest threat on the table. In those cases most of the removals go elsewhere and we can build up our engine.


The deck is very dependent on Feather staying on the battlefield. Feather really has a problem against multiple opponents that are trying to take her down. The deck needs lots of mana to build up its draw enginge and leave up mana to protect Feather. Mass removal spells like Terminus the shuffle the creatures under their players library are a problem for feather when you don't have a Teferi's Protection in hand. Also if you have the wrong protection spell at the wrong time, you are in a bad spot. The deck is also weak against other big fliers or aggro decks that bring out big beefy creatures with trample.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the deck, feel free to comment down below. This i my first primer so i would love to interact with you and go up the rankings with some helpful upvotings.


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