This is an EDH cube designed for four to six ( 4 - 6) people to draft at a time. The draft itself is composed of 8 packs of 15 per person, which uses 480 cards with 4 people or 720 with 6. Though not designed for it, you can do an 8 person draft with only 6 packs per person, though the deck size would probably need to be cut to 80. The goal is to make a complete EDH/Commander deck - a 100 card deck with a legendary creature at the forefront. There is no special drafting rules as of yet aside from the draft-matters cards - no separation of legendaries from not. This cube was designed so that the commander would have to be drafted alongside everything else in the cube.

This started as just a collection of cards that I owned, and I'm slowly working on expanding and balancing the different archetypes and strategies as well as including several cards just to have a fun time, such as the draft-matters cards from Conspiracy sets, several cards that became memes in their own right, and un-cards.

Colorless (212)

Artifact (100)

Land (83)

Creature (21)

Planeswalker (3)

Unknown (3)

Sorcery (1)

Enchantment (1)

Gold (112)

Creature (92)

Enchantment (8)

Planeswalker (7)

Sorcery (4)

Instant (1)

White (91)

Creature (48)

Enchantment (21)

Sorcery (11)

Instant (7)

Planeswalker (4)

Blue (90)

Creature (37)

Instant (24)

Enchantment (15)

Sorcery (10)

Planeswalker (4)