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TA's Pauper Cube (Updated: 12/27/12)

By TheArchitect

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  • The cube contains a good number of "Top 50" cards, but not everything. I've taken the liberty of including cards that aren't necessarily the best, but still fun/interesting. I'm more about enticing players to extend beyond their comfort zones--or, at least, that's the goal.

  • Kicker/Flashback cards are NOT multicolor. My multicolor card definition is one that has, at least, two mana symbols under its casting cost. Phyrexian mana counts as 1 CMC. Some cubes count Porcelain Legionnaire as 2 CMC...mine does not. This is a personal choice and does not reflect any negative connotations towards the cubes that use the other method.

  • This cube is slightly heavier on the creature side. The primary goal is to keep control in check by giving aggro and mid-range enough tools to work with...I have a feeling this will take SEVERAL months/years to completely flesh out.

  • Functional reprints are a big deal in my cube (or any cube). I'm concerned that there may be TOO many reprints of certain cards, but that remains to be determined with further testing.

  • "Why isn't this card in the cube?" Good question. It could be that I passed over it by accident or intentionally left it out--Dark Ritual is one such example. Am I open to suggestions/revisions? ABSOLUTELY! It defeats the purpose of making this cube public if I'm uninterested in making changes to better the experience.

+Please feel absolutely free to comment on specific cards/design choices. I welcome constructive criticism!

Each Color: 65 Non-Basic Land: 40 Multi-color cards: 45 Artifact cards: 40 Sub Total: 450

Basic Land (40 * 5 = 200) Grand Total = (460 + 200 = 660)

Standard or Theme: Standard-Pauper Average Number of Players: 6-10 How Often Drafted: Once per week. More if time allows.

Card Selection: Powered: Pauper Portal: None "Un" Cards: None Banned Cards for Power-Level: None Banned Cards for Time Constraints: None Banned Cards for "fun" factor: Not yet, hopefully

Cube Design: Standard or Multiplayer: Both Sideboards?: If you want. Color Balance: Yes Gold Balance: Almost Hybrid/Split/Kicker as Gold: Hybrid/Split, Yes. Kicker, No. Color Triggers as Gold: No Perfectly Balanced CMC: Damn close! +/- .08 CMC difference between colors.

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