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Brad's Commander Cube (v2): Full List

By bdobinski

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This is the entire collection in cards in the second version of my commander cube.

Rules: The Cube is based around Commander with most of it's rules intact. Each player will start with 40 life and have a deck consisting of 60 cards rather than 100. Commander Damage is still relevant. Decks may only contain drafted cards within your selected Legendary Creature's color identity. The "Partner" and "Partner with" mechanics will be ignored on cards that include them. Those cards retain all other types and abilities otherwise.

Special Card Categories:

  • Commanders (120): Legendary Creatures of any color (these are not a part of the base cube options)
  • Non Basic Mana (100): Non basic lands that produce multiple colors and/or a unique effect + colorless mana rocks (mana rocks are not found in the base pool of colorless cards - only found in non basic mana slot)
  • Base Cards (500): All remaining cards that make up the majority of the cube - including mono, gold, and colorless options (contains legendary cards, but no legendary creatures and no lands or mana rocks)

The draft consists of two types of packs. Commander Packs (1) and Base Packs (3):

  • Commander Packs: 10 Commanders + 10 Base Cards (2 White, 2 Blue, 2 Black, 2 Red, 2 Green)
  • Base Packs: 15 Base Cards (2 White, 2 Blue, 2 Black, 2 Red, 2 Green, 3 Gold, 2 Colorless) + 4 Non Basic Mana Cards + 1 Commander

Each player will draft 1 Commander Pack, followed by 3 Base Packs. Each player drafts 2 cards at once for each selection. Packs are seeded with the same colors and categories per pack to account for imperfect shuffling of a large cube.

The Cube Archetypes are based around two-color pairs (three color archetypes are just further extensions of two color pairs)

  • WU Voltron
  • UB Mill
  • BR Punish
  • RG Big Mana + Fight
  • GW Tokens
  • WB Lifegain
  • UR Spells + Wheels
  • BG Graveyard
  • RW Aggro + Extra Combat
  • GU +1/+1 Counters

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Colorless (158)

Land (75)

Artifact (65)

Creature (17)

Enchantment (1)

Gold (150)

Creature (107)

Sorcery (17)

Enchantment (15)

Instant (11)

White (82)

Creature (46)

Enchantment (16)

Sorcery (10)

Instant (9)

Artifact (1)