MTG Combo: Mind Over Matter + Temple Bell

Infinite draw; combine with anything that benefits from drawing cards.


Homelessguy on The Locust God

1 year ago

Mind Over Matter + Temple Bell toss in a Shuffle eldrazi or Elixir of Immortality and now you have an alternate win condition.

Homelessguy on Anacridium Aegyptium

1 year ago

Mind Over Matter + Temple Bell for an alternate win condition. Throw in one of the shuffle eldrazi.

Also with enough tokens Breath of Fury should win you a game.

Homelessguy on Phenax Multiplayer Miller

1 year ago

Mind Over Matter + Temple Bell and anything that shuffles back into your deck after hitting the graveyard OG eldrazis and what not

IAmTheWraith on Kami of the Crescent Goon

2 years ago

OMG!! Another Stasis deck with Kami of the Crescent Moon at the helm. Cudos!!

Just a few things. Depending on how you want to combo out, there are a few things you can do, the main thing being winning with infinite draw with Mind Over Matter + Temple Bell , or you can go infinite Stasis with no hope for any more magic with Chronatog + Frozen AEther + Stasis .

Now for cuts. Black Vise, Ebony Owl Netsuke and Iron Maiden dont really do what a Kami deck wants, which is to control the game. I would recommend filling them in with Mind Over Matter, Chronatog, and Flow of Ideas

Maizena on *RETIRED* The Fat Blue Weirdo

2 years ago

What do you think about Black Vise, The Rack and Viseling? You have a lot of global draw effeccts, you could use these cards to punish your opponents.

Also, you can draw all you deck (and mill your opponents) with Mind Over Matter + Temple Bell .

Blo on Draw for the Razer

2 years ago

If combos float your boat: Mind Over Matter + Temple Bell and a random eldrazi in your deck wins on the spot, with or without your general out.
I also think both are fine additions to your deck on their own. You should probably also include Azami, Lady of Scrolls for the same combo with your general out.

Anvil of Bogardan is a cool card.
Barbed Shocker helps your gameplan I think, but might not always get through.
I think you should play Blue Sun's Zenith. It can get you back into the game in a pinch and cause an opponent to be bealt the last damage needed.

Not sure what Glistening Oil here does, but it's a pet card of mine so thanks for that :DDeck looks fun to pilot!

evncrbch on Nekusar's Wheel in the Sky

2 years ago

butthurt_qrow - I was testing other stuff in place of Teferi's Puzzle Box and I have found that I miss that card a lot, so it will definitely be getting added back into the list. Also Whip of Erebos is a neat bit of sustain that I hadn't thought of before, so thank you I will see if I can include it.

goblinguiderevealpls - Memory Jar is incredibly strong, I'm honestly not quite sure why it has taken me so long to look for ways to get it into the list. I probably forget it exists any time I go to edit things. As for Notion Thief, I think it is extremely strong for lists looking to combo off very hard with things like Mind Over Matter + Temple Bell , but I am trying to keep this list more semi-competitive because of the audience I am playing with most of the time. This means I am probably running less combo potential. This leads to the next couple of cards, Dream Halls and Mind Over Matter. Dream Halls may make the list, but I will probably refrain from running Mind Over Matter for the time being simply because while I want the deck to be able to win, I don't want to have every game run the same, ending with me going infinite. Necropotence is probably a card I will find the space for as well. Phyrexian Arena and Geth's Grimoire are also cards on my radar that will find space, I'm almost positive. Commit / Memory is another card I have been looking at, and I guess I never got around to putting it in the maybeboard while I figured out what I was going to cut for it. I like Deadly Tempest a lot, didn't even know that card existed. Finally, regarding the Pact of Negation suggestion from Delta-117, yes, I know the card is great, but I also am not sure that I want to spend that large of a chunk of my budget for upgrades to this deck on it just yet. Long term, yes the card gets in here, currently, it's probably going to need to sit on the bench.

LevahnTaupe on I don't usually lose, but when I do, I win [EDH]

2 years ago

You should definitely runMind Over Matter Mind Over Matter + Temple Bell is infinite. Everything else looks good, +1 from me