MTG Combo: Grand Architect + Staff of Domination + Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas

This combo not only produces infinite colorless mana, but it wins the game single-handedly. Users must be aware that Staff of Domination has to have been in play for at least 1 full turn for this combo to win the game, otherwise it only produces infinite colorless mana.

Here is how it works: Staff of Domination is in play. This is a requirement. Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas either has used his -1 to turn Staff of Domination into a 5/5 artifact creature, or is in hand. Grand Architect either is in play, or is in hand; whichever Tezzeret was not. You can use Grand Architect's ability "U: target artifact creature becomes blue until end of turn" to turn Staff of Domination -which is now an artifact creature thanks to Tezzeret and thus a legal target- blue. You can then tap it via Grand Architect to produce 2 colorless. This 2 mana can only be used to activate the abilities of artifacts or to play artifacts. Luckily, Staff of Domination is an artifact. You then spend 1 on Staff of Domination's first ability to untap itself. Then tap it via Grand Architect to generate 2 colorless. Spit, Rinse, Repeat, you net 1 colorless which can only be spent on artifacts per iteration. Given that you can spend all of the excess colorless mana on Staff of Domination's other active abilities AND untap the staff via its first ability, this simply wins you the game. Why? You can draw your whole deck which should have some way to win with infinite colorless in it.

Note: This combo only requires you to have a 5/5 Staff of Domination artifact creature. TECHNICALLY Tezzeret isn't critical to this combo, but he's the most powerful method of animating artifacts available in most formats.

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DuTogira on Ozzy, the Architect of Pillow Forts

5 years ago

ToolmasterOfBrainerd Aretherk let me know what you guys think of this deck. It's supposed to just be an esper control deck which also has a combo win potential of Grand Architect + Staff of Domination + Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas . So far the deck seems pretty sweet in playtesting. Not sure about the Ghost Quarters, those will probably end up biting the dust or getting moved in some quantity to the side-board, but eh. This isn't a refined list, just a concept.

DuTogira on The Minefield: A Modern Artifact Recycler (T3 Win)

5 years ago

Ok so I did a double take on this one, because I actually own a copy of this card but still never considered it. In this deck, Viridian Longbow replicates the Auriok Salvagers + Pyrite Spellbomb effect. I only need to run one, but given that it could replace the Salvagers wincon, I would get rid of the whole salvagers wincon to increase the deck's performance. The bow also gives me a way to tap Pili-Pala without entering combat, which is nice. Admittedly, it requires that I pay for an obnoxiously large equip cost, so it probably won't be all that useful, but on the other hand equipping it to Pili-Pala even without GA grants our flying friend what is basically a ": Deal 1 damage" ability, so it isn't all that bad even outside of combo.
The bow would probably replace Pyrite Spellbomb. It would then free up some slots in my deck, with Auriok Salvagers getting replaced with Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas, and then the other three spellbombs getting replaced with some mixture of Spellskites, Thoughtseizes, Path to Exiles, Welding Jars, Pithing Needles, Hangarback Walkers, Chalice of the Voids, and Engineered Explosives. The replacements would likely be meta dependent.
I also realized that Grand Architect + Staff of Domination + Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas generates , which the staff can use to win the game... but it's a clunky secondary wincon and thus not worth building around in any way. Set-up would involve T3 staff, T4 tez animating staff, T5 architect turning the creature-staff blue. Tapp staff for untap it via staff for spit rinse repeat. The upside of this combo is that Tezzeret does not have to be anything other than a 4 mana Ensoul Artifact for this combo to work though, so... think positive! Right?

The point of this list is to make use of the old Bomberman win-con, so I will not be making any aspect of this change. Prior to testing, I'm also not even sure that aforementioned changes would improve the deck.