MTG Combo: Bubbling Cauldron + Festering Newt

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Freezingfist on Festering bewt

4 years ago

I remember when the Bubbling Cauldron + Festering Newt combo release and one of my friends abused it to death.

Anyway, I think what this deck needs is a way to bring NootNoot back for cheap...

Stir the Grave 2 total mana to bring it back... not bad.

Unearth even better.

Then I'd add creatures that proc you life when they die. Blood Artist or Zulaport Cutthroat. Multiple deaths for multiple lifedrain procs.

If you have em, you could add Perilous Myr. Another way to punish them for your deaths.

Just some ideas... I have more if you're interested... what do you think?