Yoked Ox

Yoked Ox

Creature — Ox

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Yoked Ox Discussion

TheVectornaut on High Alert Hijinks

4 months ago

Aegis Turtle is strictly better than Merfolk Secretkeeper or Yoked Ox here. I'm also a big fan of Wall of Omens for High Alert decks. Having played with Wall of Blossoms in Assault Formation for many years, I can say that the ability for a creature to replace itself is invaluable for this kind of deck that doesn't get a lot of card advantage elsewhere. On the more experimental side, I think The Birth of Meletis could be an interesting choice where you delay the wall entry in order to gain a land.

godzilla116 on Tough Footing

7 months ago

NerdGore: I appreciate the feedback! Giant Ox definitely seems like a good option for the deck. Getting out a creature on t1 is still pretty important so i'm hesitant to completely take out Yoked Ox. Since most of the enchantments in the deck are 1cmc, Starnheim Courser loses a lot of it's value, though I definitely could see it's use in similar decks with higher curves.

NV_1980 on Stumped By Twigs On A Stick

3 years ago

Hi usaDiabetic,

Thanks a bunch for your great suggestions! Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa and Austere Command will definitely go in, replacing Yoked Ox and Kin-Tree Invocation respectively.



KaervektheMediocre on Just Ramp and Dont Look Back

3 years ago

Foil Yoked Ox. It's shiny and a really good early defender, but Duskwatch will save you so much heartache in terms of creatures. In addition, because you'll be shuffling with Karametra all the time, card order really doesn't matter.

Also, swap out the Primordial Hydra for either Oran-Rief Hydra or Ulvenwald Hydra. More lands = more power.

Araignee on Defenders United Offensive

3 years ago

Apart from Yoked Ox, there is also Tasseled Dromedary, but it does not have defender either. But they still fuel your Assault Formation. Same would go for Nyx-Fleece Ram.

Though a card you might like is Pride Guardian.

Loyaldingo on Defenders United Offensive

3 years ago

Have you considered Angelic Wall or Yoked Ox?

bestmtgplayer1223 on A Caravan of Camel Bois

3 years ago

I like the suggestions, the idea of Seasons Past and Scrambleverse but Im not sure if it would fit the mana base of thirteen Plains but it will be considered. And for the Yoked Ox, just a first look and you can tell its not as playable, its a 0/4 Ox, not nearly as good as a 0/4 Camel. But I always love a good plan of bribing the opponent into a victory so I will put one in the side. I have to say the idea of 15 Tasseled Dromedary is probably the best idea yet, but I will forget which go in the side or not so Ill make them foil.Thanks for the input.

FIZZBOG on A Caravan of Camel Bois

3 years ago

Tbh, this deck seems like it would have some trouble against control. So for the sideboard, to deal with UW or Grixis control, i suggest 10x Tasseled Dromedary to deal with snapcaster, and excessive counterspells. Then for midrange, for grindier matchups, I suggest 1x Seasons Past for that sweet sweet value, boi. For burn, you need 2xScrambleverse so they get scrambled up n use burn spells on themselves. Finally, for mirror matchups, you gotta use 2x Yoked Ox cuz everyone knows camels dont like only like egg whites. Also it is 1 cent more, so our opponent knows we got dat money tho. This enables our backup plan of bribing them (cuz they think we rich).

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