Turn the Tables

Turn the Tables


All combat damage that would be dealt to you this turn is dealt to target attacking creature instead.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Turn the Tables Discussion

Freakjob on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

2 years ago

Hey there, love the deck, had it on my watch list for ages now.

I'm in love with this interaction and wanted to get your thoughts on it: Repercussion and utilizing damage-based sweepers such as Incite Rebellion and Blasphemous Act . Seems like a perfect way to turn an enemy's strength into a weakness. I know you don't like wraths, but this would be a win condition similar to Rakdos Charm. Obviously the deck needs to be lighter on creatures than your opponents' decks, and might be a little too cute, but if you're already encouraging combat between your opponents' creatures, this would help speed up the clock.

On a related note, I'm curious how you draw the line between damage redirecting rattlesnakes such as Stuffy Doll , Spitemare , Mogg Maniac , and Truefire Captain , compared to cards such as Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs and Marchesa's deathtouch? I read your comment where you say opponents have to attack you to get Stuffy Doll to work, but by having a clear, "you know exactly what will happen to you if you attack me," card laid out, much like Master of Cruelties, people should choose to attack elsewhere, therefore fulfilling its purpose as a rattlesnake; what's the difference?

Also wanted to bring up a few cards I haven't seen you or anyone else discuss:

Outmaneuver - found this while digging, and it looks HILARIOUS. Use on an opponent's attack against someone else to turn a blocked attack into a slaughter.

Similarly, because I love infect, Tainted Strike to turn a painful attack into an unexpected lethal one. Again, usable on an opponent's creature, your own Gisela, or a Sunforgered+Boros Charmed anything.

Traitor's Roar - expensive CMC, not an instant, but, another option for anti-tall tech, and can be conspired for even more massive damage. Not great, just wanted to mention it. In a similar vein, Agonizing Demise .

Searing Rays - another I found and just wanted to mention, since it's not great. Almost always going to be a worse Stronghold Discipline , but one mana cheaper, and useful for a mono-color heavy meta (Elves, etc.)

Lastly, because it's so beautifully perfect for an Aikido deck in art, flavor, effect, flavor text, everything: Turn the Tables . Just look at that art; the casual and hilarious smackdown! Read that flavor text; confident as hell! I know, 5 CMC is a lot to hold up, but I love it too much, picked one up in foil. I'm sure you can appreciate it, even if you'd never run it.

Shame you changed to such a drastically different meta; I've read what kind of decks you face now, and those are certainly trickier to "Aikido" around to victory. My meta is much more creature-combat focused, so I'm looking forward to something along your initial lines!

Again, great deck!

MonkeySit on Damage Prevention Payoffs?

2 years ago

You could perhaps redirect the damage instead of preventing it entirely but you would preventing it from hitting you which would help boost your Selfless Squire. I'll try keep to the white theme for you as much as possible but what I have found is: Captain's Maneuver, Empyrial Archangel, Hazduhr the Abbot, Mirror Strike, Sivvi's Valor - I'm not sure on the play of this but my assumption is that damage may start targeting the above creatures so that they may target you instead, so this instant could have that damage target you which you could then activate one of the previous cards to have it target them? due to the low cost of the instant of course as there are other creatures out there that you can have the damage target another target creature such as Oracle's Attendants for example. Turn the Tables is an excellent way to have the opponent punished for attacking. As mentioned above, I think Azor's Elocutors could be a great Win Con.

As you can see there are quite a few examples of what you could go with. I have just used http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?action=advanced&text=+%5Bwould%5D+%5Bbe%5D+%5Bdealt%5D+%5Bdamage%5D+%5Btarget%5D+%5Bcreature%5D+%5Binstead%5D+!%5Bprevent%5D&color=+%5BW%5D (I'm sorry, I'm still new here and I can't figure out how to use the link function lol) and i'm sure that you could find something among this list that might be of more help to you :)

Boza on How does Turn the Tables …

3 years ago
  1. Combat damage is dealt at the same time (beginning of damage step), so there will 1 instance of 6 damage directed at one of the dinos. The other dino will modify that to 1 damage.

  2. Turn the Tables simply redirects the combat damage, it does not deal any damage itself, so the damage is still combat damage and Mark of Asylum will not be able to prevent it, but Fog will.

Emzed on How does Turn the Tables …

3 years ago

If I attack with two Temple Altisaur and one gets targeted by Turn the Tables by my opponent, does it take 1 or 2 damage? And is that damage combat damage or can Mark of Asylum prevent it?

Rzepkanut on Queen Marchesa EDH Deck

4 years ago

Ride Down, Turn the Tables, Master Warcraft, Brutal Hordechief, and Deftblade Elite are great political tools and combat control cards. True Conviction might be better than rage reflection since they both cost 6 mana anyways. Solitary Confinement is easy to pay upkeep for if your the monarch. Dusk / Dawn could be great too even though it can kill the queen. Cheers.

Quicksilver on Anafenze help me

5 years ago

Anafenza, the Foremost can be quite an aggro card, and I'd work with that. You almost have a human tribal element to the deck, so here's what I'd recommend:
- Champion of the Parish - gets big very quickly.
- Avacyn's Pilgrim - extra mana.
- Warden of the First Tree - early game human that gains power quickly.
- Dragonscale General - constant +1/+1 counters at your end step
- Elite Scaleguard - allows for small levels of control.
- Mikaeus, the Lunarch - heavy distribution of +1/1 counters.
- Royal Assassin - a more consistent and less costly ability than Kiku, Night's Flower.

- Go for the Throat
- Putrefy > Murder

- Murmuring Bosk, Temple of Silence, Temple of Malady and Temple of Plenty - just make sure you use plenty of dual lands. If you feel these are too slow:
- Temple Garden, Godless Shrine and Overgrown Tomb come in untapped at the expense of life, and they synergise with the friend lands Isolated Chapel, Woodland Cemetery and Sunpetal Grove.

- To make more counters, Doubling Season and Hardened Scales. Doubling Season in particular gets you your assassin tokens as soon as Vraska the Unseen hits the battlefield.

What I'd remove:
- End Hostilities - Unless your meta runs a lot of equipment, this card is a more expensive Wrath of God. In decks with black/white, I'd recommend Merciless Eviction. It costs one more, It's counterable and specific, but it ruins board states like nothing else, and a great way to balance the playing field.
- Ant Queen, Archfiend of Depravity, Hundred-Handed One, Master of Pearls, Precinct Captain and Skylasher don't synergise with the deck, Mageta the Lion may see you discard decent cards and Wall of Omens would offer a better ability than Wall of Essence, but I'll get to the lifelink elements shortly.
- Harrow - don't like the idea of sacrificing a land at all, Explore may prove slightly better.
- To Arms! - I like the card, but there are better cards you could put in its place. Vigilance is obviously bad for Anafenza, but untapping with this card happens once, so it would save you for maybe one or two turns. Masako the Humorless doesn't synergise with the +1/1 strategy, but is a very strategic card for when an opponent thinks you're not able to defend from their attacks.
- Sunbond - you simply don't have enough lifegain to justify this card. Cards like True Conviction and Abzan Battle Priest are good ways to assist, but you would need much more consistent lifegain.
- Acolyte's Reward and Turn the Tables - both of them are rather bad fog effects. Certainly you can kill a creature with them, but the former is to much of a gamble, and the latter requires too much mana to be open. If you feel like running fog effects, Fog itself is blunt and to the point, and Riot Control provides lifegain.
Hope you find all this useful.