Stormscape Battlemage

Stormscape Battlemage

Creature — Metathran Wizard

Kicker (White) and/or (2)(Black)

When Stormscape Battlemage enters the battlefield, if the (White) kicker cost was paid, you gain 3 life.

When Stormscape Battlemage enters the battlefield, if the (2)(Black) kicker cost was paid, destroy target nonblack creature. That creature can't be regenerated.

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Stormscape Battlemage Discussion

legendofa on Homeless Battlemage

2 weeks ago

I'm going to guess that OP is referring to the Planeshift "scape mages": Nightscape Battlemage , Stormscape Battlemage , plus the honorary Ana Battlemage . What's the best Commander for a cycle of creatures with kicker utility effects?

Flooremoji on Battlewise Hoplite Voltron PEDH

2 years ago

My COM died, but the way it was going, you were percived as the biggest thret and targeted early, you got screwed at 2 mana for the longest time (I think that was a fluke) then finally got the mana for Pentarch Ward to cancel out the Pacifism effects. Your creature was later destroyed by a Stormscape Battlemage , it looked like the game was going to go in Sludge Strider s favor after Stormscape Battlemage failed to get any creatures. I fail to remember what other deck there was.

DogDownUnder on Shinobi's Night Out

3 years ago

Stormscape Battlemage isn't legal in a dimir commander deck because of the white mana symbol on it. It has to be in parenthesis like extort as an ability or it is considered white.

Thatguy795 on Oloro Healthcare

4 years ago

Windwright Mage Stormscape Battlemage Tower Gargoyle are where I would probably start, probably try to reduce your average CMC though that may depend on the speed of your meta.

To save space No Life? Guess I'll take yours. has most of the suggestions I'd give for possible replacements. My own Oloro deck is creatureless Oloro - So I heard you like creatures? and is just there to annoy my playgroup... if you wanted to take that route.