Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster

Artifact Creature — Lobster

Creatures named Scissors Lizard can't attack or block.

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Rock Lobster Discussion

flluid on I own every Chandra

3 years ago

I always carry a set of Paper Tiger, Rock Lobster, and Scissors Lizard in each of my 60 card decks because reasons.

SteelSentry on I own every Chandra

3 years ago

Rather than roll dice, I carry around a Rock Lobster, Scissors Lizard, and Paper Tiger to determine who goes first in 1v1

TheRealPeaches on Didge's deck version trade binder

3 years ago

Interested in your Rock Lobster, Paper Tiger, Scissors Lizard, 4 Ancient Stirrings, and foil Might of Old Krosa, presuming it's the time spiral one and not the modern masters one.

Wolf_of_Auril on ITS A JOKE

5 years ago

Love it. Makes me want to build my own un-deck.

On a side note, why no Booster Tutor/Stocking Tiger or Pointy Finger of Doom? And if you splash white, Ass Whuppin'.

Personally, I get a kick out of some of the Unglued cards. Like Ashnod's Coupon, or the Rock, Paper, Scissors artifacts - Rock Lobster, Paper Tiger, & Scissors Lizard.

the.beanpole on Didgeridooda

5 years ago

Hey Didgeridooda, I noticed a few things in your binder that I was interested in, namely 4x Blighted Agent, 2x Groundswell (as long as they are the Worldwake printing), Rock Lobster, Paper Tiger, and Scissors Lizard. My binder is here. As it turns out, I have an Alhammarret's Archive to satisfy the want from your post below!

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