Resolute Survivors

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Resolute Survivors

Creature — Human Warrior

You may exert Resolute Survivors as it attacks. (It won't untap during your next untap step.) Whenever you exert a creature, Resolute Survivors deals 1 damage to each opponent and you gain 1 life.

mrweaselman on War Champs

2 years ago

Take out Garna, the Bloodflame, Gatekeeper of Malakir, Rushblade Commander, and Intimidation Bolt and this deck is pioneer legal. Some of them aren't all that good here anyways and they're not worth being in a much higher power format.

Cards that are also not very good: Chief of the Scale, Goma Fada Vanguard, and Pacifism. Cut Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants if you have trouble finding space for other cards.

Your best creatures would probably be Blood-Chin Rager and Chief of the Edge, so run 4 each.

Since you have Herald of Dromoka, you can do some pretty cool things with exert creatures. Brave the Sands also has this effect. Ahn-Crop Crasher, Combat Celebrant, Devoted Crop-Mate, and Glory-Bound Initiate are all really good warriors when paired with vigilance. Resolute Survivors too if you want to commit this route, although Brutal Hordechief is probably better. Path of Mettle  Flip is an interesting one too for grindy matches, maybe more of a sideboard card.

If you want more wide aggro, run Bloodsoaked Champion and either Gutterbones or Zurgo Bellstriker, take out vigilance or toughness effects, and work to increase power. You can win with a couple Arashin Foremost, Brutal Hordechief, and more Secure the Wastes.

Fatal Push is probably the best pioneer removal spell, but if you find larger CMC creatures in your meta Cast Down or Heartless Act will hit almost anything.

For mana base, Battlefield Forge and Caves of Koilos are better budget dual options than anything that comes in tapped. Secluded Courtyard and Unclaimed Territory are almost auto includes for tribal.

jamochawoke on

3 years ago

I like how the guy above this comment just casually strolls in and tells you to put in a bunch of moxen...

That said, warriors is one of my favorite tribes and I've made a ton of decks with them! Plus Najeela is such a badass commander! These are my suggestions that you haven't included and could serve as some better synergy with your deck than your non-warriors:

  • God-Eternal Oketra make huge 4/4 zombie warrior tokens on every warrior cast.

  • Oketra the True make warrior tokens and acts as a big beater itself.
  • Oketra's Monument tons and tons of warrior tokens.
  • Rush of Battle warrior themed overrun that gains you tons of life.
  • Herald of Anafenza gets bigger and makes warrior tokens at the same time.
  • Raiders' Spoils probably the best card draw you'll see for warrior tribal.
  • Gilt-Leaf Ambush elf warrior tokens with sometimes deathtouch.
  • Hunting Triad elf warrior tokens or modal +1/+1 counters.
  • Presence of Gond give a creature a tap for elf warrior token ability.
  • Lovisa Coldeyes more warrior lord buffs!
  • Obsidian Battle-Axe haste and auto-attach to warriors equipment!
  • Regna, the Redeemer and Krav, the Unredeemed act as a sac outlet and warrior token generation combo.
  • Lord Windgrace deck filtering, color fixing, and generation of a ton of cat warrior tokens
  • Great Hall of Starnheim gets you a 4/4 angel warrior token in a pinch
  • Base Camp cheap 5 color land for warriors
  • Starnheim Unleashed make a ton of 4/4 angel warrior tokens!
  • Emeria's Call  Flip make angel warrior tokens and give your non-angel warriors indestructible or make it a land
  • Ascent of the Worthy pretty fun tricks on this.
  • Firja's Retribution make a 4/4 angel warrior token and give angels destroy and double strike.
  • Battle for Bretagard make warrior tokens, then make copies.
  • lolboy on

    6 years ago

    maybe also add Resolute Survivors

    BlackKnightJack on Red-Green (AKH - HOU)

    6 years ago

    If this is suppose to be an exert deck then you've put in a lot of bad cards in lieu of good ones like Glorybringer and Ahn-Crop Crasher. Likewise you're completely neglecting white which has many more exert cards that are good or at least better than what you have here like Glory-Bound Initiate, Resolute Survivors, and even Vizier of the True isn't absolutely awful for the them here.

    beast_of_war on Exert

    6 years ago

    I found Resolute Survivors goes well in this deck theme as well. I was doing 8 to 10 damage with the exertion alone, then combat damage.

    beast_of_war on

    6 years ago

    Resolute Survivors is a great card. I had it in my boros exert. But no Glorybringer? Your deck is awesome.

    K1ngr3ese on Big Bad Boros

    6 years ago

    1 drops... sacred cat 2, bomat courier 2, magma spray 3

    2 drops... adorned pouncer or glory-bound initiate 3, skyterror 3, tormenting voice 4

    3 drops... aerial responder 2, combat celebrant 2, devoted crop-mate 2, sunscourge champion 2, sweltering suns 3

    4 drops... gideons intervention or ixalans binding or cast out 2

    5 drops... angel of invention, glorybringer total of 4

    7 drops... god-pharaohs gift 4

    22 Lands

    So to answer your question i think it would look something like this. Maybe some adjustments to ensure a gift midgame. Maybe Inventors' Fair if you keep scrapheaps and such or the gate. Maybe gideon walkers. Main thing is lots of creatures in an agro style, and enough draw so you dont gas out and enough life(lots of lifegain from creatures to help counter other agro decks) to pull a wincon if game goes long. Gideon/ixalans for scrab god or other troublesome things. Then gift to stay going midgame.

    Some other thoughts... -you could make a semi exertion style deck with Combat Celebrant + Resolute Survivors type deal and run anointed procession for double tokens off gift and basically win off drain from survivors- i have been messing with my mardu again because of the success with my boros... anointed processions and panharmonicons are both pretty sick in reanimators(i like procession better). Ixalans binding is under-rated. Yes it is slow, but, for example, it locks ramunap red out of the scarey stuff they play multiples of (ferocidon, glorybringer, hazorets). Ixalans is reactive, gideons intervention is proactive. I like both. Your 1,3 & 4 drop slot become great sideboard slots for the deck as you can customize your removal packages with flexibility. 4 interventions for control, 4 settle the wreckage for agro/energy, 4 bindings... doesnt matter, go nuts. Hope that helps.

    phDaemon on Mardu Warriors

    6 years ago

    Also, in aggro decks, I especially recommend running 2 - 4x Valorous Stance. That card's utility is way too good to pass up. Especially in a meta with Fatal Push. It will not block Path to Exile, but most people would probably try not to use those up right away. Instead of Mardu Charm, I would run Secure the Wastes, and for the most part Crackling Doom is kind of worthless in modern, unless you're going up against a control type deck.

    Kolaghan's Command is almost a must if you can afford the price (since you got the colors I would put at least 2x in my SB). I bought 8 of them when they were selling for a buck, I knew that card was going to be broken.

    I would:

    Maybe if you find space for it, a Mardu Strike Leader.


    Total 22 lands since your CMC is so low. You also need some wincon finishers, Sorin, Solemn Visitor is my aggro planeswalker of choice here. He also pairs nice with the painlands, basically having you recover any early self-pain. You should definitely use some disruption, probably Thoughtseize in SB otherwise you are highly vulnerable to wipes. Something on the sideboard for drawing extra cards wouldn't hurt either, e.g. Painful Truths.

    So, for the SB, I would add

    2x Thoughtseize2x Anguished Unmaking2x Blessed Alliance2x Kolaghan's Command

    Depending on how competitive your meta is, there's a few other things you might need to add in there.

    The core of most warrior decks look extremely similar because those are generally the best warriors out there.

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