Destroy target creature with power 4 or greater. It can't be regenerated.

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Reprisal Discussion

stensiagamekeeper on Ideas for a 'The Wanderer' …

2 years ago

You guys aren't thinking big enough. Form of the Dinosaur CONTROL BABY!!!!!!

Alternatively there's Midnight Reaper , damage based board wipe or random fight spells (note all these are technically non-combat damage).

Then of course there's Demonlord Belzenlok . If your entire deck is 4 or more cmc DB's etb with The Wanderer out draws your entire deck. Cards like Bedeck / Bedazzle , Response / Resurgence just have to get you to the later turns. For wincon you could just run a single nexus that you discard to handsize so as not to mill out and keep casting it swinging with your 6/6 flier backed up with a deck's worth of removal.

Finally there's proliferate shenanigans. The Wanderer has no +1 so cards like Karn's Bastion or Grateful Apparition mean recurring removal. Otherwise she's just 2 Reprisal s against non-red decks most of the time.

Wiki-95 on Dakkon Blackblade & White Borders

2 years ago

Some white bordered card that come to my mind are: -Control Magic -Dregs of Sorrow -Exile -Kismet -Memory Lapse -Opportunity -Power Sink -Purify -Reprisal -Strip Mine ***

Anyway, it depends on what you want from your deck! But strip mine is a white bordered must have. +1 for the nostalgia

Ruffigan on How to Build - Mistmeadow Witch

2 years ago

Smite and Reprisal might be better than Rebuke and Kill Shot. Slightly more situational but I feel like you'd be using them in the same situations anyways.

Holmhollow on Theros Bant Commander

3 years ago

Always happy to see some mythology-themed decks! Kestia is a great commander and I feel she's underrated in comparison to the other two out of the C18 precon. I built something similar -- the theme of the deck is Greek mythology, but I borrow more cards from different sets so long as they support the flavour of the deck. You might find some inspiration in it:

ELYSIUM // Odyssey to the Blessed Isles

Looking at your deck as it is, I think you're doing well in terms of ramp and flavour. You've picked plenty of powerful cards and synergies and they're all on theme.

You could probably shore it up in terms of (reliable) card draw and removal. For instance, more unconditional creature removal like Swords to Plowshares will serve you much better than Reprisal, even if Reprisal is more on theme. Most of the card draw in your deck relies on attacking with enchantment creatures, which is fine, but Bant doesn't have a lot of Haste so maybe consider an extra enchantress or two so you can at least get value out of casting your enchantments. That way if they get removed before you're allowed to untap with them, they've still replaced themselves. Satyr Enchanter is not from Theros but is certainly on theme.

Something to save your board from wraths is also helpful. Eerie Interlude is great in combination with Eidolon of Blossoms, but consider something like Heroic Intervention, Make a Stand, Rootborn Defenses as well. For that matter, a few extra wraths in your own deck would help you reset the board if someone is off to a faster start than you. Hour of Revelation is fairly on theme, as is Wrath of God.

Other considerations you might make are more meta-dependant, like graveyard hate or land destruction. You might not need Rest in Peace or Ghost Quarter in your meta, but it would round out your deck to be better suited against unknown opponents.

All in all, I liked looking through your deck list! Have fun.

DrowZgam3r on

3 years ago

I really like your deck and admire your desire to make inexpensive edh decks. That being said I do believe there are some ways you could improve this deck without breaking the budget.

While you do have plenty of board wipe effects I notice that you only have a few single target removal spells. Board wipes are great but the problem is the fact that they are sorcery speed. The ability to react on your opponents turn is invaluable so I would highly recommend adding one or two more instant speed removal spells. Some notable ones would be

I also think there are some counterspell's you would be better off for running that are pretty cheap.

  • Sinister Sabotage is basically a Cancel with upside and still pretty cheap.
  • Rewind is almost free in the late game.
  • Foil is a budget Force of Will that would fit great in your deck given your high island count.
  • Arcane Denial is just a solid counter spell in EDH since it replaces itself and the advantage it gives your opponent is mitigated by the multiplayer format.
  • I would also recommend running Forbid since you seem to draw so many cards but this one is a little more pricey.
Of all your counterspells I do believe that any of these would be better than Cancel,Mana Leak, or Spell Pierce

The only other general improvement I would recommend would be try to add some dual lands. Even if they come into play tapped, dual lands do wonders to help a deck perform at its best. Some really budget ones I'd recommend are.

And since you do have such a robust instant package I would also recommend considering running Tidespout Tyrant as another finisher type card.

I really do like your deck and what you have made so far, but I would like you to at least consider these options to further improve your deck.

Icbrgr on Elspeth, the Returned

3 years ago

maybe the last ability being to "sacrifice" all other creatures with converted mana cost 4 or greater to nod to both a bit more? Specifically thinking about Reprisal and Geth's Verdict.

Cereal_Killer on White Knights

3 years ago

If you want to go mono-white then Path to Exile could replace Fatal Push and Cast Down (I'd put 4 copies) and, if you do so, Day of Judgment could replace Reprisal

A good card you could consider, if you want to be mono-w is Honor of the Pure

jakeelephant006 on Athreos

3 years ago

In a gist, less removal, more ramp, creatures and lands.

This is a solid deck. It really has some power in some places. The trick is getting it to be cohesive. Right now there doesn't seem to be a real solid theme or focus which makes the deck unwieldy during play. It wouldn't take much to fix this, though. I think it would be a good idea to focus on getting Athreos out and then playing value creatures and forcing opponents to make the decision on whether or not you get to play those creatures an additional time.

Cards to pull: Removal - You have more than enough in here so you can cut some of the less effective (more restrictive) cards like Divine Verdict, Pillar of Light, Ghostly Possession, Reprisal, Murderous Cut, Arrest, Suppression Bonds, Doom Blade or Armament of Nyx. (I put the cards in order of what I would think is best to pull to worst to pull). I would generally stay away from creature based removal here because you want to increase the number of creatures you have in the deck.

Other - These are cards that kinda just take up a slot. They're generally not bad, but they kinda pull this deck in directions that don't help the deck win like it should. These include Raise Dead, Baneful Omen, Edge of the Divinity, Cutthroat Maneuver, Erebos's Titan, Nighthowler, Pontiff of Blight, and Hopeful Eidolon. I hesitate to put the creatures on here cuz I think it would be best to have more creatures than fewer but these ones are good things to cut if you're looking to make more room.

Cards to add: Generally, I'd try to slot in some more ramp cards like Sol Ring, Orazca Relic, Orzhov Signet, Commander's Sphere, Solemn Simulacrum and the like. Also you could do with more card draw. For instance Dusk Legion Zealot, Ambition's Cost, Read the Bones, Hedron Archive, etc. And then put in some more quality creatures. Maybe they should have etb or death effects like Merciless Executioner, Fleshbag Marauder, Demon of Dark Schemes, Elenda, the Dusk Rose, Blood Artist, and more. Or maybe they're just solid creatures like Bontu the Glorified, Cataclysmic Gearhulk, Crested Sunmare, Urgoros, the Empty One, or Vona, Butcher of Magan. Maybe even a couple more board clearers like Crux of Fate, Bontu's Last Reckoning, Fumigate, or Hour of Revelation

Essentially, this deck has the structure to be real strong. It just needs some focus and a few upgrades to really get where it wants to go. Hope this helps.

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