Radiant Performer

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Radiant Performer

Creature — Human Wizard


When this enters the battlefield, if you cast this from your hand, choose target spell or ability that targets only a single permanent or player. Copy that spell or ability for each other permanent or player the spell or ability could target. each copy targets a different one of those permanents and players.

tylorlilley on Parnesse Politics

2 years ago

I think Spelltwine doesn't work with your commander, because you are copying the cards and casting them instead of copying the spell. If that's right than Mizzix's Mastery and Arcane Bombardment also wouldn't work, sadly. Maybe they are good enough to keep anyway? Not sure. Cards with the Cipher mechanic are also so close to working but I don't think they do. This is actually kind of hard to brew around! Ugh, God-Eternal Kefnet wouldn't work either, ew.

Immolating Gyre and Volcanic Vision are really good boardwipes in a spells-y deck... as is Cyclonic Rift, which you definitely should still run. In fact, all the overload spells are pretty sweet here, since they only target things you don't control, so if you copy them opponent's can't even pay the 4 life to hit one of your things. Makes Vandalblast and friends possibly worth it.

Radiate is such a fun card that could do some real crazy things here! Shoutout to Radiant Performer as well.

Sublime Epiphany and Volcanic Offering Might not be good enough here.

I really like Narset's Reversal, Split Decision, and the demonstrate cards in this deck! Obviously Twinning Staff is fun here too.

It will be interesting to see if Lithoform Engine or Pyromancer's Goggles will be good enough here (I like Primal Amulet  Flip). Maybe more spells that copy spells are better than these chunkier repeatable ones? Things like Galvanic Iteration or Reiterate if you like the buyback better. Or Increasing Vengeance for the beefier flashback. Hell, if its politics Bonus Round could be really fun. Chef's Kiss is a newer one that I forgot about

Maybe this is the kind of deck where Thrilling Encore shines?

Is Stunning Reversal here to try and copy and save other people with?? Seems like it may not be good enough when you have access to blue for card draw/protection anyway.

I've found the expertise cycle (Baral's Expertise, Yahenni's Expertise, maybe not Kari Zev's Expertise) to be really fun with spell copying, since they in turn let you cast more spells themselves.

I wish, as I always do, that Cloven Casting wasn't soooo bad. Or like, any of the cards with Replicate. Those would be so perfect. Maybe Shattering Spree is good enough but I think it isn't. Ugh, that makes me think about how you're definitely supposed to play storm cards in this deck. Are there any storm cards that aren't miserable? Mind's Desire maybe...

Is Charmbreaker Devils good enough?

Wild Ricochet is an oldie but maybe enough of a goodie here with the copying theme?

Harmonic Prodigy since your commander is a wizard isn't a terrible idea...

Humble Defector might be too cute.

Gotta have Rakdos Charm! Honestly there might be other charms that are worth it to like Crosis's Charm, but definitely Rakdos Charm.

Cruel Ultimatum is the ultimate chunky spell and you're even in the right colors for it!

Also Chaos Warp is still good enough as universal instant speed removal and kind of fun/politics-y as well

Eloniel on Rionya, Fire Dancer

2 years ago

Badrito and Hav0cD3m0n just to be sure we could cast Radiant Performer while Rionya ability is on the stack and choose to copy her ability ?

If this work you create copy of each of your creatures except rionya and including radiant performer ?

Gidgetimer on Radiant Performer + Mutate Ability

2 years ago

You can link cards by enclosing them in double brackets.

Radiant Performer

The original and copies will each be targeting a different non-human creature. You will choose over or under for each. Your mutate stacks will each trigger their mutate abilities and each of the copy Gemrazer spells will resolve into a token and the mutate stack will be a token if it is put on top.

Final note: Radiant Performer is a human and therefore not a legal target for a mutate and will not make a copy for itself.

NPcomplex on In a 3 player game …

3 years ago

In a 3 player game (Player 1, Player 2, and myself) I cast Stern Dismissal targeting one of Player 1's creatures. Player 2 casts Radiant Performer targeting my Stern Dismissal . Radiant Performer states "Copy that spell or ability for each other permanent or player the spell or ability could target." and Stern Dismissal says "Return target creature or enchantment an opponent controls to its owner’s hand." Since the spell in question is my Stern Dismissal , is a copy made for each creature and enchantment Player 1 and Player 2 control? If so, how do those resolve since Stern Dismissal can only target opponents' creatures and enchantments and Player two controls the copies?

Raging_Squiggle on Does Radiant Performer work with …

3 years ago

Yes this is one of the few cards that can do this with spells besides instants and sorceries.

Casting an aura spell intrinsically targets something, whether be a creature you don’t control, a permanent, or whatever.

Radiant Performer will copy any aura spell that targets a single target, creating a copy of said aura for any and all applicable targets.

Madcookie on Does Radiant Performer work with …

3 years ago

I wonder if Radiant Performer works with auras's enchant ability such as

1 - Captured by the Consulate to neuter all opponent's creatures and protect my own

2 - Confiscate to gain control of every permanent

3 - Paradox Haze to enchant everyone and give them extra upkeeps