Paragon of the Amesha

Paragon of the Amesha

Creature — Human Knight

First strike

{{W,U,B,R,G}}: Until end of turn, Paragon of the Amesha becomes an Angel, gets +3/+3, and gains flying and lifelink.

Paragon of the Amesha Discussion

Ziabo on WUBRG Slivers PauperEDH

2 years ago

Paragon of the Amesha isn't legendary though?

enpc on 5-color Pauper EDH deck help. …

2 years ago

In the past my wife and I have built both Paragon of the Amesha (enchantment voltron) and Dragonsoul Knight (infect voltron) as pauper EDH lists.

The benefit that both of them have compared to Worldheart Phoenix is that you can just dump a bunch of ramp into the list and you have a built in mana sink win condition in your commander.

Any I'm pretty sure that my wife's Dragonsoul Knight list was played against a bunch of casual EDH lists and stomped on them (basically the same situation you're in).

As for good cards - I got a lot of value out of kicker cards. They do something by themselves but you can also get more value late game. Citanul Woodreaders and Dismantling Blow are both decent sources of card draw. You also have Blink of an Eye and Into the Roil for pseudo removal/draw. Agonizing Demise is decent creature removal.

Flooremoji on Dragonsoul Sliver Knight (PDH)

3 years ago

There are more than three 5-color PDH commanders. You missed Paragon of the Amesha and Fleshformer.

libraryjoy on Pauper EDH (pEDH)

5 years ago

We just did a bit with Pauper EDH in my playgroup. I built Paragon of the Amesha, Drove of Elves (which could also be helmed by Jagged-Scar Archers or Wolf-Skull Shaman, Guttersnipe (stuffed every burn spell I had in there) and counters with Enduring Scalelord was crazy fun. At the table we also had Uncle Istvan voltron and the winner was Trostani's Summoner ramp & populate. The summoner kept dying and being recast.

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