Narset of the Ancient Way

Narset of the Ancient Way

Legendary Planeswalker — Narset

+1: You gain 2 life. Gain , or . Spend this mana only to cast a noncreature spell.

-2: Draw a card, then you may discard a card. When you discard a nonland card this way, Narset of the Ancient Way deals damage equal to that card's converted mana cost to target creature or planeswalker.

-6: You get an emblem with "Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this emblem deals 2 damage to any target."

Narset of the Ancient Way Discussion

Niko9 on NaRsEt TuRnTaKeR

1 month ago

Narset of the Ancient Way is such an awesome card. I had to make a deck for that one in Ikoria just because the idea of an awesome martial arts planeswalker and a land of giant monsters was too cool. Glad to hear that the deck is going good : ) I don't have a ton of experience with it other than playing against a Narset a few times, so definitely grain of salt on my suggestions. Mostly just brainstorming stuff when I saw the list.

And yep, Crouching Tiger is still one of the best movies. It has an atmosphere that just pulls you in and the characters are all done so well.

BotaNickill on NaRsEt TuRnTaKeR

1 month ago

Niko9, actually I replaced the clone with Narset of the Ancient Way I had purchased a while back, added it tot he deck and never edited it on here. Clone LegionI had figured as a possible game closer by copying all of an opponents creatures, but again, might have better options.

StarstormKK on Flaming shark tornado

7 months ago

I was looking around for a deck to build that uses Shark Typhoon because I keep finding them in the packs I buy. I came across yours and I like the idea of using Unpredictable Cyclone in conjunction with it. It allows you to cheat out more expensive spells pretty effectively, while still creating a shark army. On that note, I would completely revamp the spells you have chosen, aside from Neutralize and Boon of the Wish-Giver , because they need to have cycling to trigger this awesome effect. I do really like Narset of the Ancient Way for this deck. I would remove Teferi, Time Raveler unless you decide to use more sorceries, like Essence Fracture .

In any case, I love the basic concept and enjoyed trying to think about some synergy for it.

9-lives on LIfelink and prevention

9 months ago

Could I use Narset of the Ancient Way as my commander?

ShiltonCDXX on New Standard Shrines

10 months ago

Hey KongMing thanks for the suggestions but card draw isn't usually an issue that I run into enough to justify Whirlwind of Thought . I can see Narset of the Ancient Way having some use and may try her out in a variant, along with Shark Typhoon though they would probably fit better in the 80 card yorion version of this deck. I have really tried to streamline this version into boardwipes, exile effects, and protection for the shrines. Thanks again for the feedback.

-Ugin Update- I can't believe I hadn't thought about it but Sorcerous Spyglass is now this decks answer to Ugin.

KongMing on New Standard Shrines

10 months ago

How about Narset of the Ancient Way ? Also, Whirlwind of Thought gives you solid card replacement. They're both a little color restrictive, but effective and share the Shrine theme.

Shark Typhoon might also be hilarious, too.

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