When Free-for-All enters the battlefield, set aside all creatures in play, face down.

During each player's upkeep, that player chooses a creature card at random from those set aside in this way and puts that creature into play under his or her control.

If Free-for-All leaves the battlefield, put each creature still set aside this way into its owner's graveyard.

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Not legal in any format

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Free-for-All Discussion

trinitok on Rune-Tail Lockdown

5 years ago

As a blue player, I must ask you, a white player, why you are so defensive. You keep trying to extend your life and surround yourself with holy objects. Why are you so afraid to die? You would Rest in Peace with all your praise to the angels. You actually take some time to think about your plays and you usually aren't the first to strike. Are you afraid that you are treading some Path to Exile? Perhaps if you decided to show a little backbone, your angels would not be quite as hesitant and would lower the cost of coming to your aid. May I also suggest, Mr. White, that you invest in some counter magic? You offer great protection from the other colors, but sometimes your protection comes at a high price or is to slow. I'm curious how your Mom raised you. Your I'm Rubber, You're Glue insult is childish. Maybe you should Get a Life and grow up instead of playing games in the safety of your room. Don't cause a Free-for-All with your board wipes. My Clambassadors have visited your Charm School and see how you have failed to train your cat soldiers properly. I can't believe that Brimaz, King of Oreskos ever agreed to join you and your church. The Blue want to make sure that any and all felines are treated properly. Our Counterspells are much faster than your board wipes or exiling. We can offer much more appropriate protection. Our Tolarian Academy can also offer your felines and humans the education they rightfully deserve. Your "great" document The Cheese Stands Alone is downright inappropriate. All you talk about are women and their bodies. I do not know what your church with its Holy Mantle teaches, but your obsession with the particulars of Kemba, Kha Regent is extremely disturbing. To all the soldiers of the White Church, I say join us. We have done a Double Take and have found your church to be corrupt. Change your ways soon or the Blue will have to invade. Our spy, Cheatyface is inside your ranks. Do not anger us.

With love,

The Blue Bureaucracy