Fissure Vent


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 (C13) Common
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Common

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Fissure Vent


Choose one or both — Destroy target artifact; and/or destroy target nonbasic land.

Fissure Vent Discussion

Spirits on Mizzix-Spellslinger v1.0

1 year ago

Hey rmcvay908, fellow Mizzix of the Izmagnus player, Mizzix, the Storm EDH. I have quite a few combos/discussions/synergies in my description if your interested.

Have to figure out what kind-of combos your looking for, blue can easily Infinite Mana, Infinite Turns, Infinite Burn, Infinite Mill, "You win the game"... etc, usually try and focus on one to build up the synergy / consistency.

Some that I can see that would be easy,

You have Turnabout, add Reiterate an easy Infinite mana combo. Usually you'll seen enablers like Blue Sun's Zenith or Stroke of Genius, but you do have Starstorm & Devil's Play. Comet Storm is also very good because it's an Instant. If you go this way Firemind's Foresight can Tutor the win-con Reiterate + Comet Storm + Mystical Tutor > Turnabout.

Brainstorm is Instant, and puts cards back into your library, it's a must include.

Cyclonic Rift overloaded is very powerful, Mizzix of the Izmagnus is a little slower setting up, can offer up a nice reset button if you've got some Experience building up.

Thought Vessel also good, it's a Mana source, so good, but also gives you unlimited hand size.

Steam Vents is an Island and Mountain so a very handy (and tutorable) land. Can come in untapped for 2 life, so very very good.

Mizzix's Mastery can usually stabilize later in the game too. Reality Spasm goes Infinite mana with Nivix Guildmage just as often as Turnabout does. Merchant Scroll can Tutor Turnabout (or Firemind's Foresight if you end up going that win-con tutor route)

Tezzeret's Gambit is great for adding 2 Experience counters for 1 card, plus increases your card advantage.

Fissure Vent seems like a High CMC for an Artifact/Land, some specific land your after in your pod?

Assuming some of these are cards you owned/have, there are definitely some upgrades out there:

Revolutionary Rebuff feels under-powered comparatively, something like Mana Leak is better, or even then Disallow, Mana Drain, etc.

Unsummon < Vapor Snag another example.

Timestream Navigator seems like a lot of work, mana, and no haste. Temporal Mastery? Is there a combo you have for this guy to recur infinitely or something? Imperial Recruiter can tutor him. So could Muddle the Mixture.

Since you have Traumatize, you may also want to consider Tunnel Vision it can tutor a card in your library, or it can hit an opponents library. With Jace, the Mindsculptor's +2 it can remove their entire library too. (or Vendilion Clique both options expensive)

A few ideas to consider anyways, cheers, +1

hookedonkronix on Squee the voltron

1 year ago

Mogg Fanatic / Bloodstone Goblin / Goblin Spelunkers / Skirk Prospector / Spikeshot Goblin / Taurean Mauler / Pulse of the Forge / Radiating Lightning / Burning Wish / Seismic Shift / Grand Melee / Impact Tremors / Trove of Temptation

Cut these creatures and spells as soon as possible, none of them improve the Voltron wincon. You've got a lot of filler in here, I stopped adding cuts because it really depends how far you want to take this deck as well as what you'd budget for it. Mono red likes ramp, I'd recommend adding the mana doublers Gauntlet of Might / Gauntlet of Power and Caged Sun as well as some rocks Sol Ring and others. From your maybe board I'd include Goblin King / Blood Moon / Daretti, Scrap Savant and a few others. Mono red voltron is going to rely on you ramping up harder and controlling your opponents by destroying artifacts and land so Shattering Spree / Volcanic Offering / Incendiary Command / Mizzium Mortars / Fissure Vent/ Structural Distortion are all cards i'd recommend. Hope this helps, like I said it all depends on how far you want to take it but there are plenty of mono red staples that you don't have in here that would work well with a voltron build.

Jagd_Tallgeese on How to Steal A Dragon

1 year ago

Removed Fissure Vent in favor of Vraska's Contempt, and added Coat of Arms as well.

hookedonkronix on Daretti's Dragons

1 year ago

Hey, thanks for checking out my deck. I had been thinking about including Blood Moon in this list since it relies so much on stalling out my opponents. But I didn't fit it in with the other land removal that I had in there. Ruination is more to my liking as a sorcery but land removal can be pretty frustrating to play against, so I hadn't made it a focus of the control aspect. Fissure Vent, Volcanic Offering and Structural Distortion all have alternate targets or do more than just land removal providing a bit of utility.

As far as Cathartic Reunion and Tormenting Voice go, I found a spot for both of them in there. This deck is reliant on early game card advantage.

Jagd_Tallgeese on How to Steal A Dragon

2 years ago

Replaced Demolish in favor of Fissure Vent for more artifact hate, and added Temple of Malady and Rootbound Crag for better mana fixing.

_Delta_ on

3 years ago

I would take out maybe Fissure Vent and Skyscribing.

Vandalblast could be be better. There's also Fascination.

chao2k5 on Grixis Commander

3 years ago

It looks like you're using creatures to hold opponents at bay while you win with instants and artifacts. Creatures should discourage players from attacking, which fits the theme of Propaganda.

Not many enchantment removals.


You also have lots of board wipes, so perhaps invest in some planeswalkers (e.g. Sorin Markov, Chandra, Flamecaller, Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker.

Liliana of the Dark Realms is an upgrade over Liliana Vess.


Consider adding Temple of Deceit, Temple of Malice and Temple of Epiphany


Phthisis is very dependent on other players. Bonfire of the Damned is better because for one less mana, you could get all creatures as well.



Consider Relentless Assault.

Take out Rooftop Storm, you have no zombies.

Ponder could be supported by Brainstorm and Halimar Depths and Sensei's Divining Top

Slave of Bolas can be upgraded to Gilded DrakeRamp

Burnished Hart -> Solemn Simulacrum 4 mana to ramp and draw.


There's no repetitive card draw mechanisms.
Put in a Rhystic Study and Phyrexian ArenaDecree of Pain seems like a one off expensive way to draw.


Cruel Ultimatum is expensive and doesn't target multiple opponents. Interesting way to reset balance, but there are better cards for discard, better cards for board wipe and life loss is negligible.Consider Profane Command,


Fissure Vent can be replaced with Tectonic Edge and Vandalblast


Charmbreaker Devils looks slow given it's once per turn and you have to hard-cast again. Consider Past in Flames, Mizzix's Mastery or even changing direction completely and get Sheoldred, Whispering One.


Deathbringer Regent and Blasphemous Act are both conditional on other players and quite expensive to cast otherwise.Pestilence Demon is also very expensive for what it does. Consider Crux of Fate if you're going with the Dragon theme.All Is Dust will spare artifacts, which you don't have a lot of.Anger of the Gods is great.

CounterspellsNegate into Counterspell

ramunch on Olivia Voldaren (tribal vampires)

3 years ago

+Ascendant Evincar -Steel Hellkite Steel hellkite has to connect to be useful, a guy that buffs all your vampires and makes everyone else's stuff smaller seems better. Same CMC
+Captivating Vampire -Barony Vampire Your stuff gets bigger, can take stuff, same CMC
+Malakir Bloodwitch -Fiend of the Shadows Fiend is boom or bust, Bloodwitch is going to hurt someone
+Rakish Heir -Pilgrim's Eye Pilgrim's eye isn't great ramp, Rakish heir can make your guys huge.

+Shattering Spree -Demolish You probably aren't targeting lands that often, for same mana you could take out several artifacts
+Shattering Pulse -Fissure Vent Same mana, can't hit a land, but is repeatable for that mana or you can cast it for 2

Get Urborg or Cabal
+Expedition Map -Wayfarer's Bauble Only make this switch when you get Cabal or Urborg

Tribal goodness:
+Urza's Incubator -Olivia Voldaren You've got Olivia twice, Urza's incubator is boss makes some of your guys just cost 1 or 2 mana.

Card Advantage:
+Phyrexian Arena -Erdwal Ripper If you are playing black you should have this.

Utility Vampires:
+Bloodhusk Ritualist -Malakir Familiar Best way to make sure someone can't screw with you is to get rid of their hand.
+Blood Artist -Markov Patrician It's another blood seeker effect, only you gain life too
+Sangromancer -Sengir Vampire Sangromancer will trigger off of anything your opponents control dieing.

Board Wipes:
+Blasphemous Act -Plague Wind this one is a toss up, if plague wind is working for you, leave it. 13dmg kills most things and you can cast it for 1 red many times.

How To Lose a Friend
+Blood Tribute Not sure what to take out for this, but card seems hilarious LoL.

The big thing here is you don't need this many lands coming in tapped, it will just slow you down. You're mana base is a bit off, so i'm swapping most of them for Mountains. You could take the storage lands out as well. If your meta isn't fast you might even be able to cut a land.

-Akoum Refuge +Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
-Bloodfell Caves +Cabal Coffers
-Evolving Wilds +Mountain
-Grixis Panorama +Spinerock Knoll
-RakdosGuildgate +Mountain
-Rupture Spire +Mountain
-Looming Spires +Mountain

If Argentum Armor is working for you leave it in, you could commander damage someone out with it, if that happens sometimes for you, you might look at getting a Rogue's Passage If you do I would drop one of your storage lands (like subterranean hangar) for it.


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