Emissary of Despair

Emissary of Despair

Creature — Spirit


Whenever Emissary of Despair deals combat damage to a player, that player loses 1 life for each artifact he or she controls.

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Emissary of Despair Discussion

TheoryCrafter on Kā€™rrakaka

8 months ago

Have you considered Blood Tithe ? It hits all your opponents at once and gains you life from it.

Even though your deck is not heavy into sacrifice, Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat are worth considering if nothing more than penalizing your opponents for killing your creatures.

Pharika's Libation is another card that can get rid of enchantments. Something that is important if your opponent plays Tainted Remedy , which I lost to once when playing my K'rrik deck.

Another card you may want to consider is Emissary of Despair . If your opponent has any combination of Darksteel Forge , Mycosynth Lattice , and Padeem, Consul of Innovation on the battlefield it may be your only shot at staying in the fight.

Happy Hunting!

Epicurus on ThopThops

1 year ago

Oh, and other stuff...

Ok, I'm done now.

lagotripha on Budget Black Incremental Damage

5 years ago

I feel that this is one of those decks that really, really should play Bump in the Night and Night's Whisper. At the moment it is easy for your opponent to tell when they'll take damage, so they can calulate how much life loss each spell they cast will cause, which means you really need to be able to burst down that last bit of health unexpectedly to take the win. Profane Command could fill this slot, as could Soul Reap/Death Cloud/Batwing Brume against aggro, Suffer the Past against graveyard strats. Collective Brutality could have a place. I'm not a fan of sleeper agent, as I remember a time when a 3/3 for 1 was worth paying 2 life an attack for. You don't have enough fog Darkness effects for it to be worthwhile. Bloodchief Ascension could be good with the number of '2 life' triggers. Consume Spirit/Corrupt/Tendrils of Corruption might be good if you can stall for it. Emissary of Despair might function. Bitterblossom/Morsel Theft would be cute, but defeats the point of budget. I prefer Poison the Well/Spiteful Visions to unraveller. Death's Shadow/Rite of Consumption might have a place. Soul Spike could net you an unexpected win, but once more, price. Deepcavern Imp/Blightspeaker, Postmortem Lunge, Mogis's Marauder or Gruesome Encore is another way to mix things up with haste providing burst damage. Ultimately though, its all down to how you want to make things work.