Duergar Assailant

Duergar Assailant

Creature — Dwarf Soldier

Sacrifice Duergar Assailant: Duergar Assailant deals 1 damage to target attacking or blocking creature.

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Duergar Assailant Discussion

Gattison on Pauper Dwarves

2 years ago

Dwarven Armorer is actually a rare, and Dwarven Ruins is actually an uncommon. Those early sets can be tricky. =P

Maybe use Duergar Assailant or Dwarven Nomad instead? And Sandstone Needle ?

Meurth on Yugioh

3 years ago

I like the idea a lot. I recommend taking out 5 cards to take it down to 60 cards so you have a bigger chance of drawing the right cards (Emrakul's Hatcher and some of the enchantments aren't great here imo.)

With your current land-base you might get manascrewed pretty often so lands that give multiple colors of mana would be great. Painted Bluffs and Rupture Spire both slow you down quite a bit, they're not very good. Jungle Shrine is better, enters tapped but mana of any color you need after that. Tranquil Expanse, Timber Gorge and Stone Quarry all work too.

Some other cards that might be useful: Slippery Bogle, Slitherhead, Duergar Assailant are all cheap multicolored 1-drops, great for sacrificing to get one of the big guys out.

Looking forward to updates!

CaesarSalad on Gate Warfare

4 years ago

While Double Cleave is an instant, you might consider running Assault Strobe because it costs half as much. Also consider running Mogg Fanatic over Duergar Assailant. I know you want to be running as many R/W spells as possible, but these suggestions are what came to mind.

nobu_the_bard on !Blade to Hire!

4 years ago

Going wide in Boros? Soldier tribal? I'll suggest some cards to cut in your current list. Keep in mind these are suggestions and I don't expect you to accept them without thinking (saying regarding the battleshaper particularly; he's more okay than the others).

These cards are generally too small scale to make a difference. You need to be thinking larger scale than this.

There are some other iffy ones but seems like a good start.

At base, I'd look to increase boardwipes a lot. Should have at least four. A fast Boros deck throws threats at the board fast; it should be able to recover from a boardwipe quickly. If someone is actually faster, you can open with a cheap boardwipe on T3-5 and THEN start playing the real threats, letting everyone's Llanowar Elves and Serra Ascendants bite the dust.

Find yourself a Sun Titan my friend!! (And a Commander's Sphere.)

DragonzBane on New Dwarves

4 years ago

I would take out the 4 Duergar Assailant for 4 Swords to Plowshares or 4 Path to Exiles. Removal is extremely important. Also, you can never go wrong with 4 Lightning Bolts