Death of a Thousand Stings

Death of a Thousand Stings

Instant — Arcane

Target player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have more cards in hand than each opponent, you may return Death of a Thousand Stings from your graveyard to your hand.

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Death of a Thousand Stings Discussion

CyborgAeon on Gitrog Dredge Combo [Primer]

2 years ago

@Leptys Currently there are very few deterministic Gitrog loops without an Eldrazi titan. I've attempted this combo time and time again, and though it works, I'm hesitant to try it in a non-goldfish environment, so please relay your thoughts. Req's: Gaea's Blessing , Dakmor Salvage , Noxious Revival , Chrome Mox + 1 spare green card / Elvish Spirit Guide , 7 other nonland cards, Lion's Eye Diamond , Lotus Petal , Necropotence , Nature's Claim , Green Sun's Zenith , Dark Ritual , Cabal Ritual , Mana Crypt , Chains of Mephistopheles , Mox Diamond , Ad Nauseam , Crop Rotation , 1 payoff spell (more on that later).


1: Achieve library in hand, 0 grave, 0 library via usual discard dakmor loop until you hit GB ( Gaea's Blessing ); go to step 2

2: After shuffling, resolve draws until you have 1 card left in library. Discard GB, cast NR ( Noxious Revival ) to put GB on top of your 1-card library. Dakmor these to get a shuffle trigger, hold priority; go to step 3

3a: if you gained an additional draw trigger from the last card being a land: discard nonlands from your hand equal to the number of draw triggers on the stack -2. Resolve GB shuffle and draw triggers; go to step 4

3b: if you dredged a non-land to put the shuffle trigger on the stack, discard nonlands from your hand equal to the number of draw triggers on the stack -3. Resolve GB shuffle & draw triggers; go to step 4

4: (this is where it gets hairy).

Cast Chrome Mox (or exile Elvish Spirit Guide ), exiling any excess card ( Nimble Mongoose / Colossal Dreadmaw ); Discard 3 more nonlands; Cast gaea's blessing to shuffle the discarded cards in; Cast GSZ ( Green Sun's Zenith ) for 0; NR your GB; Chain LP ( Lotus Petal ) into DR ( Dark Ritual ), into CR ( Cabal Ritual ); Discard 4 nonlands;

Play LED; Dredge dakmor for a GB shuffle - hold priority and pop LED (for green) - dredge again (you won't net draw triggers as you only have nonlands in library); resolve GB; go to step 5:

Recap! So far you've binned some cards, made some mana & drawn the same cards. You're at ground 0, with some floating G&B mana. But this is just the setup for the real combo.

5: Cast Necropotence . Discard & exile from your hand all unnecessary nonland cards (like Storm Crow or extra discard outlets etc) until you have 1 land in your hand MORE than the nonland count. Then NC ( Nature's Claim ) your necropotence; go to step 6

6: Cast GSZ for 0; discard GB; NR your GB; Play&pop LP for G; Play&pop LED for GGG - dredge dakmor; use normal dakmor loop to refill hand, empty your library & yard. You SHOULD now be floating BB,GGGG; go to step 7

7: Chain the following: LED, LP, MC ( Mana Crypt ); NC your MC; GB your NC into your library; cast CoM ( Chains of Mephistopheles ); cast GSZ; cast MD ( Mox Diamond ) & float G; hold priority over the draw trigger (from the discarded land to MD) and discard lands equal to one fewer than the number of cards in your library & yard; hold priority - NR your GB; dredge dakmor; hold priority over the GB shuffle & pop LP for G, cast DR, cast CB, resolve GB shuffle; go to step 8

RECAP: Your library should now be: GB, DR, CR, NC, MD, LP, GSZ, NR, MC and a bunch of lands.

8: cast ad naus' to put these cards in hand; go to step 9

9: discard GB, NR your GB, discard all lands in hand; cast entomb - hold priority; NC your CoM - hold priority; cast DR, CR; proceed to step 10 10: Cast a payoff spell (like Assassin's Trophy , Beast Within , Ebony Charm . Hell, for all I care - cast a Death of a Thousand Stings at this point); proceed to step 11

11: cast Crop Rotation - hold priority over the draw trigger, pop LED for GGG. Mill 1 from crop rotation draw (with CoM in play) - milling GB. Resolve shuffle, tutor up Twilight Mire from Crop Rotation - filter B into GG; resolve NC on CoM; resolve entomb to put GB in the yard, shuffle; resolve all draw triggers - emptying your library; go to step 7 to continue looping.

This section is shortcut-able in tournament play - as you now have a definitive card count during EACH iteration of this loop & you can ensure that you always end up with the same card count in library, hand, graveyard.

legendofa on Is a Return to Kamigawa …

3 years ago

Icbrgr The biggest problem with Kamigawa was that it came after the tournament takeover that was Affinity--either you used Affinity, you built specifically against Affinity, or you lost.

After a round of bannings that didn't affect a whole lot (the Ancient Den cycle is still banned in Modern), they decided to reduce the power level of the next set. The resulting mechanics are interesting--Soulshift, Bushido, Ninjutsu, among others--but the cards tended to be overcosted, to the point of uselessness. Takeno's Cavalry is a 4 mana part-time 2/2 with a largely irrelevant ability. Death of a Thousand Stings is 5 mana for a possibly repeatable 2 life swing.

Another problem is that one of the themes was having lots of cards in hand, without providing a lot of draw power. This effectively meant that you were encouraged to to not play spells or lands to keep them in hand.

A final problem was the huge gulf between the best cards and the worst cards. Numai Outcast and Sensei's Divining Top are both uncommon. Shimatsu the Bloodcloaked and Umezawa's Jitte are both rare.

Xica on Nahiri's Wrath

3 years ago

Thx, however Death of a Thousand Stings is far from ideal.
i would prefer cards that beside having a high cmc do something useful, like cycling (to help dig for combo pieces), kill creatures played by the opponent or something similar.

So ideally they have an alternative cost, or have a cheaper secondary function.

Returning them to hand is less important, since the plan ideally would be to win by casting a single (and very big) Nahiri's Wrath, or at worst swing in with Tasigur, the Golden Fang/Tombstalker after the board is clear as a result of the previously mentioned sorcery.

And i have thrown a list together:

Nahiri's Veins

Modern Xica


Polupus on Nahiri's Wrath

3 years ago

there's Death of a Thousand Stings for the high cmc

berryjon on Toshiro, Instant Commander

4 years ago

Ever considered Dash Hopes? Not really something to recur with Toshiro, but it's useful in a pinch.

Also, if you're looking for WinCons, try cards, as they are all Instants that involve target player losing life, and you gaining some to go with it. Death of a Thousand Stings is really nice if you're running life loss for cards.

FatherLiir on Sanguine Bond/ Exquisite Blood Deck

5 years ago

Really, I'm just trying to think of anything that hasn't already been said. For the most part you should be running multiple copies of the spells that you do want, remember you can have four copies of any spell in a deck. It increases your chances of drawing the cards that you do want like Sanguine Bond or Exquisite Blood. Vizkopa Guildmage also functions as another Sanguine Bond, Diabolic Tutor is a pretty cheap way of grabbing whatever you are missing.

Death of a Thousand Stings while a super cool name, is very expensive even with the reccuring effect it can have, and I would cut it.

MagicalHacker on Win? I Just Want to Ultimate! (Liliana, Hereti...)

5 years ago

Skull of Ramos is three mana for an effect I feel is too small... No worries about the double post, I actually am looking forward to seeing if Death of a Thousand Stings and Exile into Darkness work well enough to look into more expensive ways to mitigate her +2 (ones that cost more than ).

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