Chief of the Edge

Chief of the Edge

Creature — Human Warrior

Other Warrior creatures you control get +1/+0.

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Chief of the Edge Discussion

jamochawoke on Najeela, Queen of the Blossoms

6 months ago

I like how the guy above this comment just casually strolls in and tells you to put in a bunch of moxen...

That said, warriors is one of my favorite tribes and I've made a ton of decks with them! Plus Najeela is such a badass commander! These are my suggestions that you haven't included and could serve as some better synergy with your deck than your non-warriors:

  • God-Eternal Oketra make huge 4/4 zombie warrior tokens on every warrior cast.

  • Oketra the True make warrior tokens and acts as a big beater itself.
  • Oketra's Monument tons and tons of warrior tokens.
  • Rush of Battle warrior themed overrun that gains you tons of life.
  • Herald of Anafenza gets bigger and makes warrior tokens at the same time.
  • Raiders' Spoils probably the best card draw you'll see for warrior tribal.
  • Gilt-Leaf Ambush elf warrior tokens with sometimes deathtouch.
  • Hunting Triad elf warrior tokens or modal +1/+1 counters.
  • Presence of Gond give a creature a tap for elf warrior token ability.
  • Lovisa Coldeyes more warrior lord buffs!
  • Obsidian Battle-Axe haste and auto-attach to warriors equipment!
  • Regna, the Redeemer and Krav, the Unredeemed act as a sac outlet and warrior token generation combo.
  • Lord Windgrace deck filtering, color fixing, and generation of a ton of cat warrior tokens
  • Great Hall of Starnheim gets you a 4/4 angel warrior token in a pinch
  • Base Camp cheap 5 color land for warriors
  • Starnheim Unleashed make a ton of 4/4 angel warrior tokens!
  • Emeria's Call  Flip make angel warrior tokens and give your non-angel warriors indestructible or make it a land
  • Ascent of the Worthy pretty fun tricks on this.
  • Firja's Retribution make a 4/4 angel warrior token and give angels destroy and double strike.
  • Battle for Bretagard make warrior tokens, then make copies.
  • TheVectornaut on Mike's Goblinoid Attack Deck

    6 months ago

    Normally in a goblin deck, I'd just suggest running my lords like Goblin King , Goblin Chieftain , etc., and adding more copies of goodstuff like Goblin Grenade and Goblin Chainwhirler . However, to preserve the multiple tribe theme, I think focusing on warrior synergy would be the best idea. A good percentage of your creatures are already warriors and Blood-Chin Fanatic looks like one of the stronger cards in the deck.

    Base Camp , Blood-Chin Rager , Kargan Intimidator , Boldwyr Intimidator , Lovisa Coldeyes , Obsidian Battle-Axe , and Raiders' Spoils are some warrior tribal cards in Rakdos, and Chief of the Edge , Chief of the Scale , Arashin Foremost , Herald of Dromoka , Kargan Warleader , and Mardu Woe-Reaper also apply when dipping into Mardu. I know most of these cards are just humans though, so here are some good warriors that fall under the goblinoid umbrella: Bloodmark Mentor , Goblin Bushwhacker , Goblin Cratermaker , Goblin Piledriver , Goblin Rabblemaster , Goblin Trashmaster , Krenko, Mob Boss , Pashalik Mons , Reckless Bushwhacker , Battle Brawler , Brutal Hordechief , Zurgo Bellstriker , Kazuul's Toll Collector , Ogre Battledriver , and Furystoke Giant . Which of these cards is best definitely depends on what your primary strategy is.

    Anyway, good luck with your deck!

    abby315 on Abzan Hero

    1 year ago

    Other 2-drop creatures in place of Shanna that you could consider:

    Humans for human tribal:
    - Precinct Captain
    - Cartel Aristocrat
    - Chief of the Edge (Hero is a Warrior)

    Strong Abzan 2-drops:
    - Fleecemane Lion - Bronzehide Lion - Grim Flayer

    Token Value: - Imperious Oligarch
    - Corpse Knight

    A few overlap, e.g. Grim Flayer and Imperious Oligarch are also human. Of this list, I think three really stand out: Grim Flayer fits both of your strategies (multicolor and human), but I'm not sure you'll ever get delirium. Fleecemane Lion isn't a human, but it is multicolor and it's the traditional strongest 2-drop in Abzan. And Corpse Knight, which isn't human but works extremely well with Hero because it doesn't specify nontoken.

    I'd go with Corpse Knight if you want to stick to a 2-of, but Fleecemane Lion would make an extremely powerful 4-of.

    Skullblade248 on The Boros 21st Infantry Division

    2 years ago

    Huge essay-comment incoming

    I try not to spend over $50 dollars on my decks unless it's for a specific reason or if I already own the cards, then I don't have to spend money getting those. (I know, it's super budget compared to some of your decks)

    Aerial Responder is really good, but I decided that it worked better with more copies of Odric, and he made the deck easy to stop, as one removal spell ends it all. I traded it in for Veteran Swordsmith because, 1. The tokens need some way to further impact the board, and Field Marshal was a little too expensive (among other things).

    With Preeminent Captain , I felt that it didn't do enough for me to warrant slots in the deck. It's really good, but with bigger Soldiers, and that isn't this deck's strategy.

    Tajic, Blade of the Legion would be an all-star in this deck. If I could make the curve work, it would be a great addition. Except for one thing. I'm holding out for a Frontier-like format (w/ a banlist this time) that I can play all of my decks in more competitively. I dislike Standard's Rotation, but the speed of play is really fun. On the flipside, I like the lack of Rotation in Modern, but it plays too fast and only the good netdecks survive. (I really, really hate netdeckers. I need to upload a video about that...) I am willing to bet that the Frontier-like format would only include new-bordered cards, so unless Tajic is reprinted... :(

    All things considered, you had wonderful advice, but my budget currently won't handle decks that price. However, you piqued my interest with the Mentor of the Meek . It looks like a good fit, but I don't want to mess up the curve too much, so I would have to ditch Tajic or the Swordsmith. If Wizards printed a two mana lord in Throne of Eldraine, Theros 2, or Lorwyn 2, then I would rework the deck to accommodate the lord and the Mentor. (preferably similar to Chief of the Edge , Legion Lieutenant , or Merfolk Mistbinder )

    Thanks for the help.

    SharpRaptor on Najeela

    2 years ago

    Recommended Cuts


    Blightsteel Colossus - Curve reasons

    Graveblade Marauder - Cute but effect probably isn't good enough

    Hamletback Goliath - Curve reasons

    Khenra Eternal - Bad card basically. Though we want this slot to be at that mana cost

    Khenra Scrapper - Again. We want aggressive cards like this but we can do better

    Saskia the Unyielding - Big target on your head. Colour intensive. Not a warrior

    Savage Knuckleblade - Colour intensive

    Taurean Mauler - Doesn't work towards our game plan. Doesn't trigger off combat damage doesn't buff others.

    Tenacious Dead - Just bad

    Tolsimir Wolfblood - Buff isn't universal and its expensive

    Zhur-Taa Druid - We want mana dorks. But only taps for green and its colour intensive to cast.

    Maybe Cuts Or Later Cuts

    Thunderfoot Baloth - Expensive but ok effect.

    Hellkite Charger - Maybe cut. We already have access to this effect at cheaper cost

    Zurgo Helmsmasher - He's good. But doesn't help the rest of the game plan


    Maybe Cut

    Clan Defiance - Doesn't impact the board enough to make us win the game.

    Lavalanche - Effect we want but possible to find cheaper?


    Fires of Yavimaya - Replace with Rhythm of the Wild


    Artifact Mutation && Aura Mutation - Change with generic artifact or enchantment removal

    Crackling Doom - Doesn't do enough


    Oketra's Monument - Doesn't trigger enough and the mana reduction isn't relevant enough


    Attacking / Combat Matter Cards

    Blood-Chin Rager - Warriors have Menace

    Herald of Dromoka - Warriors have Vigilance

    Chief of the Edge - Warriors get +1/+0

    Raiders' Spoils - Very good card draw

    Lovisa Coldeyes - Warriors +2/+2 Haste

    Mindblade Render - MOAR card draw

    Ogre Battledriver - Your warriors that enter will be 3/1s when attacking

    Jazal Goldmane - Massive Buffs

    Mardu Woe-Reaper - Graveyard Interaction

    Thrasher Brute - Drains an opponent with warrior etb triggers

    Edric, Spymaster of Trest - MOAR CARD DRAW

    Combo Pieces

    Cryptolith Rite - Lots of mana, infinite combats

    Phyrexian Altar - Sac some of the tokens to activate Najeela

    Derevi, Empyrial Tactician - Win the game

    Sword of Feast and Famine - Win the game if you have the lands

    Nature's Will - Win the game if you have the lands

    Bear Umbra - Win the game if you have the lands


    Archetype of Aggression - Trample

    Purphoros, God of the Forge - This guy doesn't need explanation

    Cyclonic Rift - ....yeh

    Heroic Intervention - Anti-Wrath. Rootborn Defenses Dauntless Escort Join Shields

    Divine Visitation - BECAUSE ANGELS

    Harvest Season - we make a lot of tapped and attacking creatures. We want mana

    Throne of the God-Pharaoh - Alternate win cons

    Shared Animosity - Massive Buffs

    Anointed Procession Parallel Lives - More tokens

    Aggravated Assault - Easier Najeela trigger without keywords


    Aven Wind Guide - Gives our tokens flying and vigilance

    wowsuchdoge on Modern Mardu Warriors

    2 years ago

    Catpocolypse I do like those creatures however they are not warriors and the effects from some cards like Blood-Chin Rager and Chief of the Edge would be wasted. Im thinking about making a mardu humans deck though.

    Ambition's Cost looks interesting, might have to playtest it.

    Mardu Charm However i've played alot before and i feel its kind of inferior when you have Boros Charm

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