Chaos Confetti

Chaos Confetti


(4), Tap: Tear Chaos Confetti into pieces. Throw the pieces onto the playing area from a distance of at least five feet. Destroy each card in play that a piece touches. Remove the pieces from the game afterwards.

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Not legal in any format

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Chaos Confetti Discussion

TheAnnihilator on H: Revised Tundra W: 2 …

3 years ago

I can do half a Tundra to both of you. It wouldn't be in played condition tho, each half will be in Chaos Confettied condition. You'd have to confirm playability with your head judge and/or playgroup. ;)

In all seriousness, I really would prefer to get both as FtV printings, and I withhold the right to trade for 2 FtV's instead if the opportunity arises, but do either of you happen to have 2nd Jaces (any non-foil printing)? I'm foiling out my UW Deck and don't mind FtV foiling (it's also the cheapest foil, so...).

I'd also be super down if one of you wants to trade for the Jace from the other and swap both towards the Tundra. A 3-way trade of sorts. We could even send all at once, if y'all would prefer to. If it makes any difference, I'd be willing to trade more into the Jaces for the added trouble, at least to cover shipping.

Argy on My friend gave me a …

3 years ago

For a late birthday present my very generous friend gave me a triple sleeved Chaos Confetti card, that he had gotten signed by the artist.

Needless to say, I was floored.

I've been given quite a few Magic presents over the years, but never one as amazing as that.

ginko2580 on

4 years ago

Chaos Confetti .... I think it would work with your "Chance" Theme LMAO

joshuaizac on Old Fogey's Deck

4 years ago

I think that's cheating.

Though it does remind me of one of my previous casual deck lists;

20x Swamp

20x Dark Ritual

20x Chaos Confetti

40x Chaos Confetti sideboard

0x win conditions.

And thank to you for the trip down memory lane....

...from a random old fogey.

TEGHabibird on Tearing up Decks - Turn 1 Win

4 years ago

Although I like the idea, this deck is not actually vintage legal, due to Mox Lotus and Chaos Confetti being from an 'Un' set.

Otherwise, interesting idea. Very similar to the high tide deck (which wins the same way)

abby315 on Proper TROLLING Etiquette

4 years ago

Important question: How many Blacker Lotuss and Chaos Confettis do you keep as backups?

Love the deck, +1 ;)