Bloodbond Vampire

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Bloodbond Vampire

Creature — Vampire Shaman Ally

Whenever you gain life, put a +1/+1 counter on Bloodbond Vampire.

Madcookie on Every -sexy- card art

3 months ago

I was making a similar artwork list and stumbled upon yours. It's very good and I found some great additions. I'd like to suggest some other cards I've found myself:

Wakedancer, Bloodbond Vampire, Asylum Visitor, Guul Draz Vampire, Stream of Unconsciousness, Beguiler of Wills, Nin, the Pain Artist, Oriss, Samite Guardian, Cursebreak, Ruthless Cullblade and Manaforge Cinder


Sinq_ on Does Bloodbond Vampire's triggered ability …

1 year ago

I'm using a Bloodbond Vampire and it's gotten 8 +1/+1 counters added to it. Since it's normally a 3/3, this should make it effectively an 11/11. My opponent wants to attack me with Titanoth Rex , which is also an 11/11 (with trample). In addition to the 11/11 Vampire, I also have a 2/1 Vampire with lifelink, Child of Night .

If I single block with Bloodbond, it should trade with the DInosaur. However, I'm wondering what happens if I double block with both vampires. If my opponent chooses to hit the Child of Night first, it will die, but the Bloodbond vampire will live, and the lifelink will cause it to gain another +1/+1 (This is a bad option for him). If my opponent chooses to hit Bloodbond first, does the lifelink on the Child of Night allow my Bloodbond Vampire to trigger its ability and gain another counter before it dies?

I'm not an expert on these interactions, but here is my understanding of the situation. Lifelink is a static ability, so I will gain life simultaneously as Child of Night does damage. However, the ability on the Bloodbond Vampire is a triggered ability, and so it does not actually trigger until combat damage is dealt. So, if the Child of Night blocks second, I will gain life from lifelink, but the Bloodbond Vampire will have already taken damage and died, and thus be unable to receive another counter and live. Is this correct?

multimedia on Fear the Swarm

2 years ago

Hey, nice budget version of Edgar.

You have the right idea with wanting to cast Vamps quick to take advantage of eminence, but the manabase also needs to match this strategy. There's too many lands that will always ETB tapped which reduces the consistency of casting Vamps quick. More dual lands that can ETB untapped would speed up game play.

Some budget land upgrades to consider:

Some other budget cards to consider adding:

Higher CMC Vamps as less needed because you have Edgar who's the six drop you want to cast more than the others, but Necropolis Regent is a budget second. Like Edgar, Regent is also good with a Vamp swam as well as with Edgar and other flying Vamps.

Some cards to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

Womby_03 on BW Vampire Allies

2 years ago

One thing I would recommend is possibly less support cards, I know it sounds weird but with my life gain deck usually if I can get more on the board that can synergize I have better outcomes than if I'm able to counter other things. Mortify is really good for big threats and its cheap. Bloodbond Vampire Ive used in mine before and with the life gain it just gets crazy buffed and would work really well with your vampires, and finally Bolas's Citadel is absolutely amazing with life gain/drain stuff life this, its a little mana expensive but if you can get it out and play five or ten cards and still be above your starting total or even going crazy low with it to trigger abilities and possibly win the turn you play it. I really like your deck though and I took your advise with the Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose and that seems to work a lot better and same with the Defiant Bloodlord

Phostration on Vampire tribal counters

2 years ago

The only thing that bothers me about this deck is Bloodbond Vampire it is 4 mana as a 3/3 and just the +1/+1 ability. You could replace it with Gifted Aetherborn, but of course if you need to have more creatures that can get boosted I understand. I like the idea of the deck. It's like playing against a ticking time bomb haha. I want to say to add a Soran Plainswalker, but honestly I think this is good. Wouldn't hurt to have some Isolated Chapel or Godless Shrine (besides the spark damage or cost). A Castle Locthwain is always a good addition to a black deck too!

Blobby_Bobby on Kambal - First Approach to Commander

2 years ago

That is a very good question, what to cut. I don't want to micromanage anything but here are cards I feel are "weak" with what you have going (also, keep Dash Hopes if your play group hates it, it must be good ;))

Out (?): Conclave Tribunal

Dictate of Erebos (I know, it's an amazing card, but without creature support it isn't actually doing anything for you. This is a soft cut, it's always going to put a little work in just like Butcher of Malakir)

Maybe replace Prison Realm with One Thousand Lashes and/or Faith's Fetters

I LOVE Subversion but is it really putting in enough UMPH for 5 CMC? I really like Righteous Cause but that's just me. Hissing Miasma is pretty cool too, no life gain but it's cheaper and deters attacks.

Consecrate / Consume (hope formatting works here) is a 4 cmc kind of squanky force sacrifice of the most dangerous (most powerful) creature of an opponent. I don't like it. You have a huge removal suite and this seems like a good cut. You have Orzhov, you are the removal king and you can Murder or Return to Dust

Consecrate / Consume is too situational to be useful in your go-to 100

Revival / Revenge is sexy, keep it. But look at what cards actually make it mean something. Serra Avatar Evra, Halcyon Witness Sunbond etc. Play around with it, but in my experience, it is rare for doubling your life total to more impactful than gaining 3 instances of life gain. (but look at Wall of Reverence

Cut Dismember for more "UMPH" (kill conditions) Cut Make a Stand for more "UMPH" (kill conditions) Cut Nightmare's Thirst It is too situational for you. We can find better removal. Find room for more "UMPH" (kill conditions) Cut Rootborn Defenses we're going to add some creatures who love life gain after this section

OK, stick with me on this one: Liliana, Dreadhorde General draws cards for dead creatures, right? But... you don't have creatures (really) in your deck... Not saying cut her, but she would and will be happier in a sacrifice black deck (Maybe a Sheoldred, Whispering One deck, I think you could do it). If you need to make cuts I'm saying she isn't doing much for you here but letting you draw sometimes.

We're not abusing Athreos, God of Passage but he's too awesome to cut. If he isn't pulling his weight in this deck you can ship me the card, I'll give you my address. ;)

Mentioned Butcher of Malakir before: awesome card as deterrence but it shines when you have a lot of token to sacrifice for value. not an immediate cut, but if you include Sheoldred, Whispering One and Dictate of Erebos you might want want to add some sacrifice/recursion to capitalize. Making your sacrifices give you advantage and hurt your enemies is the coolest thing black can do.

Cut Piper of the Swarm replace with Vampire Cutthroat or Vampire Nighthawk or Call to the Feast or really anything. Piper isn't helping your mechanics. Replace with Sunscorch Regent because that guy beefs up fast and hard.

In (?)

Dusk is a great wipe and the dual nature of the card gives utility.

This is your call. I'd recommend Sunscorch Regent as a win-con.

Serra Avatar is great with life gain, especially if you add Rogue's Passage

Just look for ways to make that life gain work for you: Bloodbond Vampire Bloodthirsty Aerialist Ajani's Pridemate

Rebuff the Wicked is a fantastic counterspell, works with you control aspect. If it were me I'd add more card draw and Approach of the Second Sun and aim for that. Easier win con than Revel in Riches in my experience (have mardu deck based on treasure, removal and alternate win cons and Approach of the Second Sun is much easier and more reliable than Revel in Riches.

I don't know what else to say. You make your own Kambal deck. Just know you need some "UMPH" to take down your opponents beyond some life gain and drain. I love the build, but you need to 'seal the deal' as it were.

ZendikariWol on

3 years ago

This is two different decks fighting each other for space.

One deck is BW Ally lifegain/rally. For that, you want to be running Bloodbond Vampire, Drana's Emissary, Kalastria Healer (which absolutely wins games), Zulaport Cutthroat, maybe Lantern Scout.

The other is Mono-White lifegain. Ajani's Welcome, Daxos, Blessed by the Sun, Authority of the Consuls, Archangel of Thune, Ashes of the Abhorrent for the sideboard, maybe Linden, the Steadfast Queen, Lone Rider  Flip, perhaps, as a finisher, Nyx-Fleece Ram is stunningly potent against fast creature decks, in a similar vein to the also-pioneer-legal Wall of Essence.

I think your first step in making improvements to this deck is deciding which of these your deck wants to be.

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