Benediction of Moons

Benediction of Moons


You gain 1 life for each player.

Haunt (When this spell card is put into a graveyard after resolving, remove it from the game haunting target creature.)

When the creature Benediction of Moons haunts is put into a graveyard, you gain 1 life for each player.

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Benediction of Moons Discussion

Jagd_Tallgeese on Orzhov Flavor

2 years ago

Considering the Haunt mechanic requires you to exile your creature or spell upon entering the graveyard, you may want to remove all of those. That accounts for at least 19 creatures from your list which would bring you down to 116 cards. You can also replace the Orzhov Guildgate for a Bojuka Bog to hit an opponent's entire graveyard. Since you also wanted to steer away from the Extort mechanic, you can remove those as well, along with noncreature spells with Haunt like Benediction of Moons , Cry of Contrition , and Seize the Soul . Theses suggestions might help to trim the deck down.

ThallionDarkshine on The Spark of Life

3 years ago

I think the first cuts should probably be anything that just gains life and doesn't draw a card or destroy anything. So that would be Benediction of Moons, Chaplain's Blessing, Heroes Remembered, Blessed Reversal, Sanguine Sacrament. After that, I'd probably start looking at all your 3-cmc "bolts". 3 mana seems a little steep simply to deal 3 damage to something, even if it gains you a little life on the side.

Also, one card that I completely forgot to suggest earlier is Fiery Impulse. While it can't go face, being a bolt that only hits creatures is pretty good.

dmage105 on Brutal Voltron Licia, Sanguine Tribune

3 years ago

Hey! I love the deck, I'm working on a Licia EDH deck myself and used yours as a basis.

Here's a couple more cards that could help get Licia out early: Benediction of Moons if you have a 4+ playgroup, and Augur il-Vec or Elixir of Vitality could get you a turn 4 Licia.

I also like the Razia's Purification for a board wipe, I'd choose Licia, a piece of protection and a land and go to town on my opponents.

I'm worried about removal and replaying her. Do you run into issues getting her out again?

xsnappsx on "We Got A Bleeder!" Cliffhaven Anemia

4 years ago

First off thank you for the upvotes!

Really like what you did here. My playgroup is starting to get into PEDH and this is a fantastic starting point for me. I haven't played any PEDH yet so I am not sure how heavy spot removal is available in these kinds of decks. Would something like Icatian Moneychanger, Martyr of Sands, Augur il-Vec, Lone Missionary, Qarsi Sadist, Shu Farmer, Vault Skirge, Scholar of Athreos, Silent Attendant, Benediction of Moons, Death Watch, Golden Urn, Scent of Jasmine and a number of White "Gain X Life" spells fit?

I'm guessing card draw eventually becomes the main problem for this deck and you go into top-deck mode.

Any advice would be great, really looking forward to giving this a try.

sj007 on Ghost Power

4 years ago

This deck needs Aetherflux Reservoir Drain Life Consume Spirit

And some maybes Alms of the Vein Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim Benediction of Moons Consuming Vapors

Anything with extort is looking into

Bif_Slagthor on B/W Ayli commander, suggestions welcome

4 years ago

Well, to start you have no lands. Lands are kinda important, as they let you, you know cast spells? :) Anyways, you are very, very creature heavy, and many of these creatures do not inherently help "Ayli" plan, or are "filler" creatures, that don't do much of anything. You have very little card draw, like none at all, so add thing like, Mind's Eye, or my favorite, Read the Bones, so you don't end up top-decking. Alright, so, now I'll give a list of creatures I think you should cut; Blind Hunter, Butcher Ghoul, Blistergrub, Carrier Thrall, Doomed Traveler, Dross Harvester, Exhumer Thrull, Gavony Unhallowed, Lingering Tormentor, Mausoleum Guard, Mistmoon Griffin, Necroskitter, Restless Apparition, Shambling Goblin, Soulcatcher, Summoner's Egg, Swarm of Bloodflies, Twilight Shepherd, Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter, Screams from Within, Seize the Soul, Benediction of Moons, and Cry of Contrition. Oh, and I want to reccommend to help get the creativity flowing too. Hope this helps, and tag me or message me if you want more advice.

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