Anointed Deacon

Anointed Deacon

Creature — Vampire Cleric

At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may have target Vampire get +2/+0 until end of turn.

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Common

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Format Legality
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Pioneer Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Limited Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Arena Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Historic Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal

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Anointed Deacon Discussion

mavryk on

2 years ago

Personally, I'd remove Anointed Deacon he's got a very high mana cost for his effect. he's essentially only a 5/3 on your turn, and a 5/3 that's a 5 cost is very steep. Bloodcrazed Paladin would be next to be removed. 2 cost for a 1/1 is not great, I try to stay away from cards that are too situational, and this would fit that mold. Paladin of the Bloodstained again, cost is high for what it does. Bishop of the Bloodstained 5 cost for a 3/2 that has an effect only when he enters the battlefield as well must go. Skyblade of the Legion could go as well, 3 cost for a 1/3, there are better options. Twilight Prophet and again, this to me feels too situational to be used. What if you encounter a manaless deck, this would be a useless effect.

matzi8qr on Card creation challenge

2 years ago

Cryptic Blast
Choose two -
- Deal 3 damage to target creature or player.
- Destroy target artifact.
- Target creature gains the ability ": This creature gains +1/+0 until end of turn" until end of turn.
- Target creature gains +3/+0 and first strike until end of turn.

Make a multicolor angel that supports vampires, such as Anointed Deacon but fits my other rules.

PerfektJade on Vampire's

2 years ago

I'd suggest removing:- 2x Anointed Deacon: cost is too high for what it does - 1x Blight Keeper: ability cost is too high for standard - 4x Encampment Keeper: again, too high - 1x Lurking Chupacabra: not enough exploring for it to benefit - 1x Queen's Bay Soldier: much better creatures you could get for 2 drop - 1x Boneyard Parley: CMC too high, effect not that great - 1x Spreading Rot: land destruction isn't necessary - 1x Cobbled Wings: won't need this with vampires - 2x Dusk Legion Dreadnought: 5 drop vigilance, does nothing else - 2x Prying Blade: won't need the mana - 1x Raiders' Wake: will be taken out too quickly to be useful

So, this leaves you with 15 open spots. I'm assuming you want to stay in the XLN block? For additions, I'd suggest looking at cards like Adanto Vanguard, Bishop's Soldier, Gifted Aetherborn (not XLN but a great card), Sanctum Seeker, Vicious Conquistador, Yahenni, Undying Partisan, Bloodcrazed Paladin and Duskborne Skymarcher.

For removal, try things like Duress, Fatal Push, Walk the Plank, anything low cost but preemptive or quick.

Free creatures with lifelink? Always great. Try Queen's Commission and Call to the Feast. Legion's Landing also helps pump out tokens AND can give you , so feel free to add a second one.

There are a lot of options for your deck, especially if you're not staying in XLN specifically. Try some of the ones I listed above and see how it runs for you. You may be able to remove 1-2 lands after working on your creatures, which are very heavy. Aim for closer to 20. As a general rule of thumb for Standard, 5 CMC is high for any card, so keep that in mind when picking out cards. You can have one or two around 5 CMC but they have to be worth it.

Hope this helps!

Maaagic on WB Vampires

2 years ago

Bluman474, Anointed Deacon is strictly worse then the five drops we are running.

Bluman474 on WB Vampires

2 years ago

Maybe add Anointed Deacon. Good deck though

CaptDan on Standard Pauper, W/B Vampire

2 years ago

Hi! I like it. I think the vampires common of Ixalan are pretty good.

Can I make some suggestion? In my experience, Anointed Deacon is a beast. As soon as you play it, you can get another vampire get +2 attack. You should maube play 3 instead of the Prying Blade .

march of the drowned is not a good card without pirates. I would add two Costly Plunder instead and a Duress.

blainetheblayde on

2 years ago

galleadden I did not know most of what you said. In fact, I'm just trying to unpack it all! I see three main concerns you have with the current decklist: 1) It lacks removal. 2) There are some bad cards in it/too many of some cards. 3) There are some good cards that are not in it. I agree with pretty much everything you said after looking at the deck. I need to figure out exactly what cards I need to take out and which ones I should put in. The change I'm going to make now is: -4 Anointed Deacon, -2 Vona, Butcher of Magan , -4 Evolving Wilds, +4 Walk the Plank, +2 Settle the Wreckage , +2 Cast Out, +1 Swamp, +1 Plains. Let me know what other cards you think could be replaced and by what I should be replacing them! Also do you have any advice for my sideboard? That's where I'm really lost.

Jibbertison on Ixalan B/W Vamp

2 years ago

I would recommend that you remove the Anointed Deacons and Legion Conquistadors as they seem very weak, also I don't think you need cards like Territorial Hammerskull as they don't fit with the deck. Also add more kill spells such as Fatal Push. Ask me if you need any more help :)