Alms Beast

Alms Beast

Creature — Beast

Creatures blocking or blocked by Alms Beast have lifelink.

Alms Beast Discussion

zapyourtumor on Tainted remedy

2 months ago

I'd cut the bad stuff and lean 100% into the enemy lifegain theme. This means up to 4 Tainted Remedy plus 4x Kavu Predator , and cut Idyllic Tutor , Serrated Scorpion , Twilight Prophet , Gonti's Machinations , Roiling Vortex , etc.

I know Blessed Alliance and Rest for the Weary are used with Tainted Remedy, but the best cards with Remedy are ones that have a "drawback" that involves your opponent gaining life and Remedy/Kavu turn that drawback into an advantage. I see you already have Wall of Shards and Grove of the Burnwillows , which are classics. Some other ones are Oust , Fiery Justice , Solitude / Condemn , Devour Flesh with Nature's Claim for the sideboard. Alms Beast is also funny.

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

5 months ago

I love Alms Beast and always tried to break it with Tainted Remedy or something, but it's just not good enough.

Alms Beast

Creature - Thrull Beast

Whenever another player gains life, you gain that much life.

Creatures blocking or blocked by Alms Beast have lifelink.


I think that makes it more interesting. I really wonder if it would see commander play.

SlamOneUp on Tainted Love

1 year ago

Maybe you could add Deadly Allure to force your opponent to block the Alms Beast so a creature is destroyed and he anyway loses a big bunch of life. Awesome Deck of yours

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

Orzhov is my favorite, easily.

I love lifedrain, but think Smothering Tithe is very flavorful to the guild, and want more effects like that.

Blood Tax


As an additional cost to cast a spell, its controller must pay 1 life.

Whenever an opponent pays life, you gain that much life.

It'd be a rare, but much better than Alms Beast, which I can't stand.

I'd like a trinket from your favorite legendary creature. (I'd pick Thalia's Saber, myself)

Silverdrake on Fiery remedy

1 year ago

Nice list! I run Remedy in a black/white shell to make the manabase easier, but I was tempted to go the 4c route for the Fiery Justice & Grove packages. Alms Beast is a hilarious card in this shell, and you might want to look at Blessed Alliance as it's a removal spell that can also dome your opponent for 4 once you have a remedy out

trey12321 on Tainted Bond

2 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions, Lucky! The issue I've run into with Alms Beast is that it's strength is largely dictated by what my opponent is playing, making it seem more relevant in a sideboard. Even then many of the large creatures that I can't outsustain with the occasional self-heal tend to either have life-gain effects anyways (IE. Griselbrand or Wurmcoil Engine ) or are better targeted by a Condemn than hoping that they only have the one creature so that Devour Flesh would be relevant, though I would likely keep some Devour Flesh in the SB. Even Oust seems to be generally better specifically because I can choose a target, and even if the damage is only effectively a bolt it works better on smaller creatures or the ones that don't attack and therefore can't be Condemn ed anyways.

The other creatures are primarily placeholders at the moment. I'd auto-include Dark Confidant if I had the money for him at the moment, and I already have Wall of Shards listed in the main deck. Currently running the cheap deathtouch creatures+ Warriors' Lesson is a solid enough replacement until I can afford it, but it's not looking to be the end-all-be-all of the build.

Manamorphose is actually probably a really easy way to justify Aria of Flame now that you mention it, so I'll probably look to get some for it when I've got the money to spare.

Thanks again for the suggestions...!

Lucky69 on Tainted Bond

2 years ago

My friend made a weird version of this deck using Alms Beast . My suggestion (Which is what my friend did) is to use 4 Wall of Shards , 4 Devour Flesh in the main board. The other enchantments in the deck cost too much mana for modern and don't have enough pay off. In addition, you have enough life gain in the deck that you probably only need the 4 Wall of Shards and 4 Alms Beast . Your other creatures are too easy to kill with Fatal Push , Electrolyze , Lightning Bolt etc. Also, you probably want to change your land base to more fetches and only one or two copy of each shock land that works and a single copy of each basic. Finally, Beacon of Immortality makes a player instantly lose and should be included in the deck for a last resort. And you defiantly need draw. You'll run out of cards really fast and also need to dig for Tainted Remedy , so I suggest Harmonize

Overall, here is what I would recommend

Creatures!!! (AWWWW MANNNN) 4x Alms Beast 4x Wall of Shards 4x Dark Confidant

Instants 4x Rest for the Weary 3x Condemn 3x Path to Exile 3x Devour Flesh 3x Manamorphose

Sorcery 2x Beacon of Immortality 2x Harmonize Enchantment 4x Tainted Remedy 2x Aria of Flame

Lands 2x Grove of the Burnwillows 4x Marsh Flats 2x Bloodstained Mire 2x Windswept Heath 3x Godless Shrine 1x Blood Crypt 1x Sacred Foundry 1x Overgrown Tomb 1x Temple Garden 3x Plains 2x Swamp

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