Akroma's Blessing

Akroma's Blessing


Creatures you control gain protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Akroma's Blessing Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on

7 months ago

It's weird to not see Sunforger in here. Maybe add in Make a Stand , Unbreakable Formation and Akroma's Blessing for some protection. Well of Lost Dreams , Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip and Chain of Plasma on one of your creatures go infinite with your commander. If you target a Stuffy Doll or Brash Taunter with it, you can kill at least one player, even all of them with Taunter. Finally, Stormwild Capridor could become infinitely big in that combo.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on The Last Samurai

9 months ago

I must have scrolled over them. Kicking Brass Herald for Formation seems fine. Maybe add in some more instants for more tools with sunforger?

Rootborn Defenses , Akroma's Blessing and Make a Stand seem fine.

DemonDragonJ on Commander Legends Spoilers

1 year ago

If I have not already said this, I would like to see both Convalescent Care and Phyrexian Tyranny reprinted in this set, since they have never been reprinted, but would look excellent in the new card frame style.

Also, given that Akroma's Vengeance has been reprinted several times, I would like to see Akroma's Blessing be reprinted, as well.

god_dammit_nappa on New to edh need help …

3 years ago

Honestly, if you want a truly brain-dead simple commander to build around, and you like turning creatures sideways, then Karametra, God of Harvests is the commander for YOU! You can easily build a decent deck with her for under $100.

With some cheap artifacts like Sol Ring, Worn Powerstone, Darksteel Ingot, Fellwar Stone, and Thran Dynamo, you can get Karametra out as early as Turn 3.

Cast an Elvish Mystic? Go fetch a basic land. Rinse and Repeat!

You'll have access to Green's creature-based draw like Shamanic Revelation and White's protection like Dauntless Escort, Make a Stand, Frontline Medic, or Akroma's Blessing / Brave the Elements.

You'll ramp out faster than your opponents will. And if the control player casts a blue spell on your turn? Respond with Seedtime (only like $2 or $3 on TCG) and take an extra turn! GUESS WHO'S GETTING THE BIG FACE-SMASHY THIS NEXT TURN, BLUE PLAYER?

According to TCG, Triumph of the Hordes is only like $8 bucks. Get a Pathbreaker Ibex, put a big dumb dude on the 'field like Metalwork Colossus (super easy to do), and then give your creatures Infect & Trample and swing for game.

DragonGodKing90 on "...you never were."

3 years ago

Avacidal_maniac: i actually think Akroma's Blessing would be better. think about it. all of the angels cost 4 or more, so the final mode on Austere Command would be suicide. the 3rd mode (destroying any creatures cmc 3 or less) seems pretty lackluster in the commander format where a lot of creatures cost a lot due to commander being a slow format. that only leaves destroying all artifacts or enchantments. Akroma's Blessing on the other hand can make for a surprise block without losing creatures, or can ensure creatures attack unblocked. i'll take an unblockable army for 3 mana over destroying everyones mana rocks for 6 mana any day.

Avacidal_maniac on "...you never were."

3 years ago

I would probably run Austere Command in place of Akroma's Blessing as it is very versatile. Herald of War is a good angel to run in tribal as it makes your angels cost less so you can play more. Mind's Eye is a really good card draw engine for anything outside of blue, would recommend it.

Overall, this gets a definite upvote for the creative use of some not very often seen cards like Belbe's Portal (even though it should always be a necessity for all high cmc tribal decks.

MoGoose831 on 【Legacy】Ain't Got Time To Be Dead

4 years ago

I also have to say you are missing out with not including Solemn Simulacrum. I would also include in a bit more protection maybe Akroma's Blessing or Bathe in Light.Akroma's Memorial can be a game changer!

Mortlocke on RA RA RASPUTIN!

5 years ago

Oh, and there's Akroma's Blessing, Akroma's Vengeance, angel song, Choking Tethers, Complicate, Decree of Justice, and the list goes on. Those were just more suggestions I wanted to toss out there. Hopefully this helps.

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