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Pointing Out The Obvious Features

2009 September 13 by mattlohkamp

Have I convinced you that Knight of the Reliquary is a worthwhile card yet? No? Let's try again.

Good on turn 3, good on turn 10. Features

2009 August 30 by mattlohkamp

remember - you don't have to field a Blue card-drawing engine in order to secure card advantage. You can choose cards that stay useful even after you're played them, and you can take steps to reduce your chances of drawing cards that you don't need, and you can choose exploitable cantrips.

KrazyCaley's Top 10 Planeswalkers Features

2009 August 23 by KrazyCaley

Quick, while there are still only 10 to judge anyway!

KrazyCaley's Top 10 Mono-blue Creatures Features

2009 August 16 by KrazyCaley

Yo, listen up, here's the story/About some little guys that live in a blue world

…standards and curves Features

2009 August 05 by Sitromis

Theory crafting the Mana Curve withih the Standard Format.

More than 'Naturalize' Features

2009 August 03 by mattlohkamp

If you're a default-sort-of-person, you may want to opt for Naturalize: it's hard to beat artifact/enchantment destruction at instant speed for 1G. Or is it? If you're like me, you may find yourself drawn to the other, more exotic solutions that green has to offer for artifact/enchantment removal.

The Standard Green Land-Grab Triumvirate Features

2009 July 27 by mattlohkamp

Currently in Standard, there's a gang of green 3-cost landgrabbers that I find intriguing: Farhaven Elf, Civic Wayfinder (now Borderland Ranger in M10) and Fertilid. Each costs one green mana and two colourless, and each is capable of fetching a basic land - but each does it in their own way.

…a look at the Side Features

2009 July 17 by Sitromis

The optional Sideboard that can better your win condition, and why.

The Other Meta: Reflections on Grixis Features

2009 July 07 by The_Gentleman

Tier two strategy for the Tier one metagame.

KrazyCaley's Top 10 Walls Features

2009 June 25 by KrazyCaley

All in all, you're just another brick in the wall....