The Dragon's Lair

I came in 5th with my 'Esper Twix' deck at my local Modern tournament vs a very good field. I was 1st going into Top 8 (I beat Grixis Twin, BW Tokens, Affinity, and drew into Top 8), but lost to Junk (3rd) in round 1 of Top 8. Overall, the deck performed very well.

Two of my matches, vs BW Tokens (2-0) and Affinity (2-0), were featured matches and were recorded. The videos will include commentary as well. I'll share them as soon as they're available. Stay tuned!

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A Poor Man's Aggro

Modern* TheGr8H0b0


I won the night, going 4-0. First game I played against mana-ramp green creature deck and got 2 perfect games of turn 4 lethals with [Satyr Firedancer] on turn 2, [Goblin Grenade + Reverberate] turn three in both games.

Second match was against another Zoo/Aggro Red/Green/White deck (I ...

2 years ago