GDPR Statement

GDPR Statement 2018

We hope to make the ways which your data is used on this site as legible as legible. If you'd like to know more or need clarification, please use the contact form.

Email address

In many cases, we have no way to verify your account or allow for account retrieval except via email, so this is stored on our servers. You can use Facebook Connect as an alternative, and you may prevent the site from receiving your email in this case, however, there becomes no guarantee you can recover your account if you've just your credentials.

Facebook Connect

We allow facebook connect in order to create an account. We do not store any data from Facebook except an authentication token and a unique ID.

Steam Connect

We allow you to connect to steam and if you do so we store your steam ID and current username. This is not currently connected to any features.


Paypal updates us about transactions you make with this site such as upgrading or buying tokens, but we do not store any of this data on our servers

Trade Address

You can opt to store a mailing address on our servers and share them when you have accepted a trade with another user. After you have not logged in in 90 days, we remove this data and you may resubmit it (or not)

T shirt purchases

We store a mailing address briefly until we can fill in the order. Once it's filled and it seems you have received it, the address is removed from our system.

Private Chat

You can submit any information into the private chat feature to other users but these messages are unavailable after 30 days and deleted after 90 days.


We've only outlined potentially sensitive data above. The rest of the data you submit, such as your collections and profile preferences are already covered by our general terms of use which is linked at the bottom footer of the site.