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Said on Is "all of ......


So this topic is more of me being curious.
I was playing a game of commander where my friend was getting pretty salty after I would fog, or evacuation, or cyclonic rift, ECT all his relentless rats back to his hand however in the process he used Myron to gain a bunch of life. He then manage to swing through with Eerbos and I ran out of tricks and used Hatred and I asked how much life he is using and he said all of it and just to fuel his rage even more I told him that he just killed himself.
He said that "all of it" wasn't allowed and he actually had to choose a number which I let him change it but not without giving him flack for it.
I got to thinking that if I didn't let him change and there was an actual judge involved would "all of it" actually mean that he would have paid all his life?

January 10, 2018 4:41 a.m.


Red for the Red God.

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