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jaylawlerrr: I always wanted to test Collective Brutality but it's always so expensive that I don't have the courage to buy them. I got Liliana last year and she wasn't that expensive back then, and it's the most costly card on the deck. Other than that the deck is pretty budget.

When you mix in Red, the madness archetype is normally way more agressive, so cards like Alms of the Vein are pretty good. I tried it as well but it was a coin flip. As I mentioned this deck sometimes run agressive and sometimes defensive depending on game, hands, draw, etc. So I felt Alms of the Vein didn't fit too well...

I did make a casual and budget monored aggro vampires, which is Standard with just 4 copies of everything, nothing special, focusing more on creatures.

But still, I just prefer playing the black version a lot more.

Hope to hear your feedback after you test your versions!

June 20, 2017 11:42 a.m.

jaylawlerrr: I used to run Macabre Waltz when I first built it (this is before I tested a bit and before acquiring some of the current cards). I also think it's a nice card, but I don't know how it would fit into the deck.

I first played with 4 of them, along with 4x Call to the Netherworld, and the biggest issue was having creatures in graveyard for it to work (would get too many 'grab from graveyard' cards in hand). The "combo" of both cards was nice thought: 2 mana, grab 3 creatures from graveyard.

Then, I tried replacing it with draw, tried some stuff with Call the Bloodline and Altar's Reap but it was a bit clunky...

Now I'm running 4x Key to the City, so if hands are empty, we're either paying 2 mana or working with Asylum Visitor.

Another issue was the mana cost, which would need at least 4 mana in play to cast 'creature madness cards', which might be too slow (after all, it's Modern...). It's true you could just discard other stuff into the graveyard but I've been trying to optimize the deck the most so "nothing goes to waste" (other than unwanted lands and keys haha). And, well, I learned to hate paying to discard ;)

It's a nice suggestion thought, just don't really know what to replace it with, and surely wouldn't run more than 2.

June 20, 2017 12:44 a.m.


Monoblack Madness Vampires

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