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I believe Mikaeus, the Unhallowed deserves a bump from 2.5 to at least 2 maybe more. with relatively recent cards like Walking Ballista and Crystalline Crawler.

I have what I would like to think is a tier 1 to 1.5 tier list, but as you stated in your rules I am biased.

If you don't mind checking it out maybe it can help change your minds

The Deck

June 20, 2017 2:13 a.m.






Just Tutor For It.

Commander / EDH t69haase

SCORE: 1 | 486 VIEWS

Damia, a Maniac, and a Druid.

Commander / EDH t69haase

SCORE: 1 | 231 VIEWS

Praetors & Poison. V2

Commander / EDH t69haase


Tier 1 Mikaeus Combo Deck

Commander / EDH t69haase

SCORE: 2 | 280 VIEWS

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