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unless its listed in my wants i have at least 4 everything going back to scars of mirrodin block, i have a large selection of lagacy and vitage staples including power 9, i only have an extra time walk but am willing to trade out of the others in rare cases, i have all of the dual lands except taiga with extras to spare(not trading my underground seas ether sorry). im mostly looking to bolster my modern collection for the years i didnt play. please note that any card worth more then $500 has been graded to prove they are real. any trades worth more then $5 will have tracking and any trades worth more then $50 will be insured, i expect the same for tacking and insurance. i also love promos, misprints and miscuts (only foil miscuts.) such as uncut corners.if you need something and youre willing to trade value feel free to ask. i will trade down in special cases if i really need the card (right now i will trade at a huge loss for the zedikar fetches priority to the three that fetch mountains or plains. Please be aware that I don't care to much about card value on tcg player or, cards have valye to me if Iwill use them. For example, I have an extra dark confidant, I will trade it for lesser value if I need the cards I'm trading for. That being said I won't ship first on cirten cards because of their value, this is because I am more likely to get ripped off with force of will then I am a deathrite shaman. I also won't trade over seas, I will trade to mexico or canada, some exeptions apply but only if you ship first.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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