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Hey Matrixxx999, great to see someone taking interest in card choices! I'll run over my reasonings for my exclusion of those card choices real quick, and I'll add them to the notable exclusions as well.

High Market, Phyrexian Tower: These look good at first glance, but there are some major downsides; first, for high market, it doesn't produce coloured mana, which you really want in this deck, and it's not actually that great of a sac outlet, only being a once-per-turn and giving nothing in return, I'd much rather be playing a coloured source in it's place. Second, for tower, I would totally run the card, if only it produced coloured mana without having to sacrifice a creature. Again, you really want coloured mana, and typically, you're only going to have 1 non-Varolz creature at a time, which you need to bank for pattern of rebirth and natural order, otherwise they become dead cards.

Reflecting Pool: I don't really need this in a 2-c deck, I'd rather play a basic, and have more resilience against blood moon

Sensei's Divining Top: Actually a bit slow for the deck, if you're going turn 1 dork -> turn 2 varolz, it doesn't afford you much time or mana to actually use it efficiently, it does smooth out every turn after those, but those are going to be the key turns when you're looking to have action in your mulligans

Night's Whisper, Sign in Blood: I actually highly suggest both of these for potential budget builds or more midrange builds, but because this is a budgetless build, I'd much rather be playing higher-powered draw like ad naus or necropotence, or just be playing tutors instead. You are also looking to win before running out of gas becomes an issue generally, so they're not as good here as they are in a Doomsday deck, because they can't serve the dual-purpose of cracking a pile.

Hope I cleared up those card decisions a bit!

July 18, 2017 1:11 p.m.

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Hey The_Llanowar_Elf, I've done a bit of playing around with budget versions of this deck, this is what I can recommend; For stuff like Bayou and any other expensive lands, I would replace them with Peat Bog and Hickory Woodlot first, then any after that with basics. For tutors, I would suggest trying to fit in more mana dorks that are not in the deck currently, such as Devoted Druid or Bloom Tender. Hope I could help.

July 12, 2017 4:04 p.m.

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Hey artichoker! I actually haven't really done much theorywork with Xantid Swarm or Hope of Ghirapur, althought I do have a reason for that. Generally, you are going to go turn 1 dork, turn 2 Varolz, turn 3 attempt a win. Trying to fit a 1 mana creature in on turns 1-2 can really hurt, and there's no way to give either haste in the deck, so they end up feeling very slow. Generally, the same spot that is filled by those can be filled by Autumn's Veil instead, which, while not a creature, has effective haste, as well as flash, so you can surprise blue players better. Thanks for the suggestion! They are definitely great cards, and have a spot in testing, they just don't make it into the deck right now.

July 10, 2017 11:19 p.m.

Hey sonnet666, thanks for the placement! That being said, I'd have to disagree on Varolz's placement, although I am biased. The deck does have some weaknesses, yes, but I can assure you that resiliency is not one of them. There are many ways to win even if a combo piece gets exiled or killed prematurely. Riftsweeper is a very powerful card, and can deal with a lot of the damage that exiling hulk does, and even if you can't get hulk back, you can still go for a manual Mike/Trike. I'd urge you to move Varolz to tier 2, as I feel that is where he is more accurately represented.

July 10, 2017 1:08 p.m.

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Hey elfric, thanks for the feedback! On the subject of Peat Bog, I have considered adding in the charge lands (Hickory Woodlot as well), but recently, I have been running into numerous Blood Moon decks, and in those games, an extra swamp or forest makes all the difference. If your meta is different, I would suggest testing them out and seeing how they work for you. On Blood Pet, it has been itching for a spot for a while now, but there's just no card I would take out for it, you really need a critical mass of green creatures for Natural Order, and the deck is sitting just above that threshold. as for Beast Within, it is a great card, yes, but with access to black, there is cheaper creature removal such as Vendetta and Slaughter Pact to deal with Linvala, and due to how tight you will usually be running on mana, it just costs too much to make the cut.

July 9, 2017 4:29 p.m.




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