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I'm trying to start playing more paper modern, just slowly acquiring cards and trying to find time amongst work, wife and the new baby. I have been finding MTGO a lot more convenient lately, however, than paper.

I'm signed up on both MTGO and Cockatrice as "shinobigarth" on both. Message me here if you'd like to play, as sometimes its more convenient to play online than a game shop.

I'm trading on here again and on PucaTrade.

Below are my decks. I made myself a personal goal of making a deck for at least each mono color, plus one for each of the Ravnican color combinations, and then perhaps a couple 3-colors as well. Most are tribal as I love the synergy tribal allows for. NOTE: For these purposes, decks with at least 80% of any one color I consider mono colored.

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Stelmeiria its for sure not legal in MTGO pauper, but i'm pretty sure it was paper legal for at least a while because i've always played in pauper with it. also its listed as pauper legal here on T/O. so, if anything i think it either only became banned recently or, it largely depends on what your playgroup chooses. but yeah, i'll swap them out for Reckless if i'm not allowed to run them.

May 16, 2018 1:20 p.m.


X Gon' Give It To Ya

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Jund Scavengers

Modern* shinobigarth

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