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saj0219's Binder

WARNING: I'm working on an update. I hadn't truly updated/cleaned up the good ole trade binder since I first joined the site and was using it purely as an inventory. So far, I've managed to pop in about half my collection. There's more to come, but between the seven thousand things I have going on, who knows when I'll get to it...

Anyway, Hello! I'm not new to magic (started playing in 94, so there's that... Also stopped for 10 years somewhere in there, so there's also that), and I love to trade. Life's pretty busy at the moment, which means I may be slower than normal to respond. I promise I'm not ignoring you!

So far, I've updated my binder with the random rares I have kicking about. More to come (and more value to come). I also have a box of several thousand unlisted uncommons, so feel free to ask!

I play casually mostly, but there are a few competitive players in my group as well, so I kind of straddle the line. No one I know plays standard, so I'm not much into that, though the idea of it has always been interesting.

Successful trades:

edit: I was keeping a list of traders I vouched for up here, but then it became unmanageable. I vouch for every person in my trading history. Additionally, here are the people I have traded with successfully before either party was upgraded:

user:clowe304433, ZooGambler, ryuzaki32667, Hellhawk, Schmawl, chrishuffman95, gurthang034

Additionally, I had a positive trading experience with Randomdeath (completed 08/2016), but our trade couldn't be locked in, which is why it doesn't appear over on the side.


P.S. There are way more wants I couldn't think of when I made this list, and I love looking through binders finding things I didn't think I wanted. I'm always willing to look through binders.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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+3 Rekindling Phoenix want
+3 Rootbound Crag want
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