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My Life's Journey of Magic

When I was only a chitlin in the early 90's, I was granted with these white packs of cards from my shady bald Uncle that sold them out of his rusty Lincoln Towncar. Looking at cards like Wrath of God, it was there I was taken by the beauty of magic. I then collected many cards in a booklet and took it to church. I gave the book to the most oldest woman in the church to hold onto while I attended bible study. I was then ambushed by a cult of religious fanatics. They did not like the goblin cards.. cards of goblin legs cut off on chains posted to the walls. They told me to go burn the cards when I went back home. I refused and found a new faith in Thor and Odin.

What I Play

I like to play Pauper only now because standard is just a gypsy scam to make you spend lots of money. You can buy a pauper deck for 7 dollars. At the same time, you have more competition because there is a even playing field, with more cards. Be smart and only play Pauper.

IRL Participated Events

Friday Night Magic - Many times Pre-Release sealed - Many times Sealed Grand Prix - Madison, WI


Steam: RHOX Twitch: RhoxGaming PS4: Neil Saxon

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Commander / EDH* royer79


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