I started dabbling in MTG back when Origins was first released and bought a couple build a deck boxes. Played a little 60 card kitchen magic with some family. The first deck I tried to build was an Izzet burn deck. Stopped playing for a while until shortly before C16 came out. Started playing again with friends making the slowest most basic decks possible... Started with some 60 card until I built a vampire deck they couldn't beat, after which we started getting in to commander. C16 came out and I bought Kynaios and Tiro, as well as Yidris Maelstrom Wielder and ever since have been trying to build the best Thrasios deck I could. Now it's a beautiful Thrasios, Vial Smasher deck that's just so much fun to play. I also run an Atraxa super friends deck with 30 planes walkers and a dirty free spell based Maelstrom Wanderer deck.

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Chaos Combo Control

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