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30+ y/o Magic Player, getting back into it after 15+ years away.

EDH and sealed are my preferred formats.

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Said on List of Bugs ......


yeaGO - The Deck Building section seems to have a few of bugs and broken functions.

1) If you go into the Board Section section of your deck and sort by anything other than 'Type', than making edits will produce an error when you try to save it.

2) I had a deck that I built about 7 months ago. I decided to make some edits, so I deleted the deck and started over, but used the same name of the deck.... Now about 50% of the time when it tries to load the deck - it brings up the old deck.

February 1, 2018 8:59 a.m.






David's Tim Deck

Commander / EDH* pesmerga87


Kiss From a Rose

Commander / EDH* pesmerga87


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